Intuitive Business Interview – Sashka Hanna-Rappl

Hello beautiful one, This week the energies are amplifying as we approach the beautiful full moon and an eclipse on Friday. So talk about powerful energies! I'll be connecting in with the full moon with my lovely soul sisters in Sweden and I invite you to make space...

Intuitive Buiness Interview – Jackie Stewart

Hello beautiful, I am really enjoying all these interviews and it's been absolutely amazing to get the opportunity to meet with such inspiring and courageous women from all over the world. What a blessing! Today I am SO happy to share this super special conversation...

Intuitive Business Tip: Have Fun And Play

Hello beautiful sister, How are the wild September energies going down with you? I feel like life hit the ON button on the first day of this month and it's been full speed ahead since. Because I can easily get overexcited and either get overwhelmed, get a migraine...

Intuitive Business Interview – Lucy Pearce

Hello sweet soul, How are you? I'm trying to ignore Mercury retrograde and keep showing up, ha, ha! I just realized that I've been promoting my new program pretty much all summer. And now the early bird price ends tomorrow night and we start the 6 month long journey...

Intuitive Business Interview – Anna Lovind

Dear friend, It's been a pretty intense week and I know that many of you have struggled to keep your head above water. So many emotions swirling around and so much releasing. I thought I'd be calling in lots of magic this week but instead I've done so much clearing...

Intuitive Business Interview – Emily Stroia

  Dear soul sister, As the full moon is growing big and ripe I am feeling so called to connect deeper within myself. I have been receiving so much guidance and support by becoming very still and allowing myself to RECEIVE. I have also had the great pleasure to...

Intuitive Business Tip: How much are you willing to receive?

Hello sweet friend, Summer is coming to an end here in France and a couple of days ago I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and craving time alone. I remember many times before when I would do so much and give so much to others - mostly my children - that I would feel like...

Intuitive Business Interview – Cora Flora

This week I had so much fun interviewing the magical and inspiring Cora Flora, an amazing musican and transformational coach. Cora Flora channels so much love and her energy is so pure and her voice so authentic. In this conversation she shares how she taps into her...

Intuitive Business Tip: Take Inspired Action

Hello beautiful soul friend, How are you, my love? Have you set some intentions during the New Moon? It's never too late and I invite you to go back to them and write down a couple of things you can do TODAY to move towards them. Let's do it together!  Today I am...

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My gift is to create a safe space where you feel so deeply supported and loved that you can share your gifts and light with the world.


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