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This week the energies are amplifying as we approach the beautiful full moon and an eclipse on Friday. So talk about powerful energies! I’ll be connecting in with the full moon with my lovely soul sisters in Sweden and I invite you to make space for yourself too. It doesn’t have to be so elaborate, sometimes taking a couple of deep breaths to release the old energies and breathing in the magical full moon energy is enough. Only you know what you need at this time so trust your own inner guidance and connect with your body.

You are always deeply connected to so much support. Take a moment to feel it.

I’ve been feeling so supported lately and as I reached out to amazing women who inspire me in business I have been so generously received. I’ve connected with healers, intuitives, writers, psychics, essences practitioners and incredibly wise and successful women. Last Monday I had a great time talking with the incredibly genuine and heartcentred Branding & Marketing Expert Sashka Hanna-Rappl.

We met last spring at the European No Limits Event in Brussels (co-created by Joanna Hennon and I) and Sashka blew us all away with her inspiring, fun and quirky talk. She is such a warm, wise and super creative soul and I knew I wanted to introduce her to you in this interview series.

I hope you’ll enjoy this interview and receive lots of inspiration, powerful shifts and a great laugh. Please share what resonated for you and I’d love for you to share this video with your tribe in any way that feels easy and fun.

You can find Sashka HERE and she is also sharing her love on Facebook.

As I am sharing my new program for conscious, heartcentred entrepreneurs and calling in the magical wise women who are feeling the call to join us in September I’ve been inspired to share the stories of my soul sisters in business.


Are you a conscious, intuitive entrepreneur who wants to do your sacred work in alignment with your soul? Have you tried traditional business programs or advice but can’t make it fit with your unique essence and voice? I’d love to connect with you and go on a deeply intuitive business journey together!

Find out all about Embrace Your Purpose – my brand new Intuitive Business Program for Conscious Entrepreneurs – HERE.

My program, Embrace Your Purpose, is right for you if:

  • You experience a lot of fear and doubt and find it challenging to keep your energy high consistently
  • You struggle to create a sustainable way to run your business and put a lot of pressure on yourself
  • You long for a loving and truly supportive group of soul sisters who get you
  • You want to integrate your intuition and powerful energy work into your business
  • You compare yourself to competitors and doubt your gifts and offers
  • You are filled with great ideas that feel really exciting but you have a hard time to actually create them AND promote them to your tribe
  • You need to raise your income but don’t know how to align with higher prices
  • You know you are here to give birth to a big vision but feel stuck on how to do this
  • You are the one everyone else comes to for help and lack the right kind of support for you
  • You don’t honour your own rhythm and the natural ebb and flow of life
  • You want to feel free, joyful and have the time to enjoy your life outside your business

There will be 2 x 1:1 mentoring sessions with me, powerful monthly live calls, an amazing circle of soul sisters to support and love you, incredible guest teachers (Heart Healer and Author Lysa Black and the Abundance Activator and Healer Lara Waldman), a custom-made essence exclusively for this group by the magical Soul Alchemist Essence Practitioner Jackie Stewart and so much more!

Find out all about it here and join us by September 26.

Are you unsure if this is the right program for you? Book a free 30 min Business Alignment Session here and I’ll tune in to where you are on your business journey and help you realign to your purpose.

Sending you so much love and joy,


PS: Have you signed up for my free live calls next week on Thursday September 22? I’d love to connect with you and tune in to the equinox and celebrate all the gifts that are coming into our lives. If it resonates, click here to join us.

Intuitive Business Interview Sashka Hanna Rappl

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