I am slowly landing at home after an absolutely MAGICAL day in the Mary Magdalene cave close to Saint-Maximin-La-Sainte-Baume. I have heard of this place for years and know so many people who have been there. I wanted to go but didn’t feel the strong call until now. As if by magic it happened on the solstice and the timing was perfect.

I asked a soul sister to join me and she was the perfect travel companion. We had so much fun and were beautifully guided every step of the way.

Of course there were also fears and obstacles to move through (as always!) but it was still such a smooth journey. The biggest fear I had to face was driving (on the highway!) and when I found out that this was the only driving option I almost didn’t go.

The night before leaving I took the time to be with my fears and fill myself up with love and inner safety. As I started to relax and drifted off to sleep I felt Mary Magdalene’s presence. Now I don’t have a strong connection to her but she sometimes shows up when I am channeling or in a client session.

This time she was very firm and I could feel her power and wild woman energy. She told me I could do it and I knew she was right. The next morning I felt pretty calm and the car journey went so well. I have NEVER felt this confident driving and traffic was so smooth. I felt so empowered and confident!

Sometimes we are faced with the worst possible obstacles (that seems totally unrelated to what we’re doing) but as we move through them we grow beyond what we believe is possible.

Even if we don’t feel ready or confident to do it.

The drive to the bottom of the mountain where the cave is was so beautiful. I felt the magical energy right away and the light seemed out of this world. It’s not surprising that so many artists were called to paint in Provence. It’s impossible to describe the light and the energy but it is so beautiful.

When we arrived at the place where the trail begins I felt completely immersed in an energy that felt so sacred and so loving. It’s hard to put my feelings and sensations into words but the walk through the ancient forest up to the cave was a mystical experience. I was in awe of each ancient oak tree and beautiful butterfly.

The colors were so vibrant and there was a soft light around everything. I felt so held by nature and all the beings that surrounded me.

It’s a pretty steep walk so we took our time and stopped often. As we arrived at the cave the view was AMAZING. My experience entering the cave was pretty mixed.On one hand it’s a beautiful, sacred place and there were beautiful statues of Mary Magdalene and angels. The windows were exquisite and the light shining through the colored glass was stunning.

On the other hand I was sad (and angry) to see signs of patriarchy and old power structures turning a simple and sacred place in nature into this. It felt like someone had put a lid on the magic.

I walked down to the bottom part of the cave to find the sacred well. I have learnt that most sacred sites and places connected to Mary Magdalene have wells. This one was closed with bars and there was no possibility to touch the water. WTF?

So I embraced it all.

Both my anger, the expressions of oppression AND the beauty and sacredness always present. It was a great reminder to stay connected to my heart and to what feels right, no matter what.

Funny story, as we were about to leave my friend saw a small note in a corner with instructions on how to collect water from the well. It was like in a fantasy movie;).

“To collect water, look to the left of the Mary Magdalene and angel statue. There is a small faucet close to the floor.”

We laughed and went back inside to fill up our bottle with water from the sacred well.

Another important reminder to not let outer obstacles and old ways hold me back from creating my own path forward. There are possibilities everywhere. Magic is always present.

Maybe this was the most magical part of this journey for me.

My deep connection to the land and the trees. Mary Magdalene’s presence everywhere. In the water I drank and in the trees I hugged. She is everywhere. Reminding us to be fully ALIVE and to receive PLEASURE from life. All of it.

I am so grateful for this journey.

I feel so at peace and filled with energy today. My vision for my life and my sacred work is even stronger and rooted deeper in me.

I feel so supported by the feminine and my sisters. I am so eager to SHARE more of this energy and the joy I feel to be alive with you all.

So if a sacred journey calls you, say YES! TRUST yourself and don’t hold back. Live THIS life wholeheartedly and RECEIVE all the gifts you are given.

I also feel like Mary Magdalene is such a warrior and fierce wild woman. I love her strength and devotion to LIFE and to us, the divine feminine. I want to dance and laugh with her. EnJOY life fully.

I hope this message gives you hope and lights up your heart. You are precious. You are loved. You are so supported. In all ways. L I V E!

Do you feel a deep calling inside your soul? A yearning that won’t leave you no matter how hard you try to shut it out, ignore it or get too busy so you can’t hear it?

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