Hello beautiful sister,

How are the wild September energies going down with you? I feel like life hit the ON button on the first day of this month and it’s been full speed ahead since. Because I can easily get overexcited and either get overwhelmed, get a migraine from my mind buzzing or crash I am now super careful when the energies intensify.

To be honest it’s been pretty easy to hit the pause button and drive to the river for a long swim and soak in the sun. I haven’t really been on vacation this summer so I am being kind and gentle with myself. I know how important my own wellbeing is – not only for my life but also for my business. Staying connected to my joy and listening to my body, heart and soul is absolutely crucial to have a thriving business and enjoy my life.

So many new things are happening and I am SO ready to open up and EXPAND into the world. If we’re friends on Facebook or Instagram you probably already know that we are moving! The perfect house fell into our laps and we move in 2 months. This house is more than we asked for and I had to really stretch my heart in order to say yes to it. It’s a big stone house with enough space for all of us, a huge garden behind a beautiful church and lots of space both for me to work and for my husband to play music. It truly is a dream come true.

Although it’s been intense and a bit crazy to sort out the house move it’s also been very smooth. Every time I’ve wanted to rush things or make them happen in a certain way I’ve stopped myself. I notice just how much easier life is when I take inspired action and then surrender to the perfect flow of life.

I don’t have to do everything or control every part of the big puzzle. All I have to do is my part, at the right time and stay connected to the flow of life. To TRUST that it’s all unfolding perfectly.

This doesn’t only apply for the new house but also for my business and the promotion for my new intuitive business program. If you feel called to connect with soul sisters and want to infuse your work with ease, flow and a deeper sense of purpose, check it out and join us here. It’s going to be SO magical and I can’t wait to receive all the divine downloads for this intuitive, practical and deeply transformational program.

We start on September 26 so check in with yourself before to make the right decision for you. And I’d love to offer you a free 30 min business alignment session to help you realign with your business and purpose.

As I embrace a bigger, more beautiful home I am being cracked open to more magic, more joy. Everything is flowing and amazing opportunities are coming into my life, new clients are joining me for deep soul work and everything is expanding in incredible ways.

And next week I’m going to Sweden for a few days. I’ll be spending time with soul sisters and new friends I’ve only connected with online. I can feel the powerful magic working already. It’s all coming together beautifully. I love travelling so much and can’t wait to be in that in between space where the ideas seem to flow and everything becomes possible. Mmmm…

As I was bursting with joy this week I recorded the video above and I hope you can feel my joy and let it inspire you to connect with YOUR joy. Let it guide you and say yes, even when you don’t think you can.

Beaming you so much love,







PS: I’ll be offering another free live call on the spring/fall equinox to celebrate and honour all the gifts we’ve been given. Mark September 22 at 11 am + 8 pm UK time in your calendar and sign up to my Love Letters to make sure you get all the info to sign up.

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