What a week! Since last week and the two magical live calls I had the honour to lead I’ve been immersing myself in stories about star seeds. Wow! Mindblowing (re)discoveries and so much is falling into place for me right now.

Egypt, Sirius, channeling, my travels to Australia and the sacred symbols I’ve been drawing for years now. Everything is connected.

What an adventure this lifetime is! And I love connecting with so many of you. I love how my open heart and the messages that come through me resonate deeply with you too.

I know that this isn’t about me. It’s all about the messages, teachings and powerful energies flowing through. I am so grateful for the blessings and for having the immense previlege to do this Sacred Work.

Every day I am reminded that the time is NOW and we are the ones being called to step up and out into the Light.

If you wish to receive more support to navigate these intense times and your beautiful, important mission and purpose in this life, I’d love to connect with you. You know when the time is right for you to rise higher and fully embrace your soul’s purpose.

If you long for deep 1:1 support to help you release old patterns and wounds so you can embrace and embody your powerful light, join me for Wise Woman Mentoring here or start with an Intuitive Reading/Healing Session.

This week I was inspired to create a video to share some of the ways you can know if you are a starseed. These are only a few examples and I would love to know if they resonate and if you want to share how you know you are one.



Since I shared this video on Facebook so many of you have reached out to say that it resonated with how you feel (and have felt for a long time). I also know that for some of you this is a new discovery. So many of us are awakening and starting to remember our connection to our star families. If this is you, maybe your guides or intuition are telling you it’s time. 

If you need support to embrace this new adventure get in touch and let’s meet for a free 30 min Purpose Alignment session here. And if you wish to explore on your own, I think you’ll love my meditations here. They will give you loving and clear guidance to reconnect and also ground these powerful energies into the Earth and your beautiful body.

Thank you so much for being here. The Earth needs you. Connect with your soul family and keep saying yes to the next step. Trust that you will be powerfully and lovingly guided.

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