Hello sweet friend,

Summer is coming to an end here in France and a couple of days ago I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and craving time alone. I remember many times before when I would do so much and give so much to others – mostly my children – that I would feel like there was nothing left. No energy, no inspiration, no connection with anything. 

By depleting myself so much I would reach that dark place where nothing seemed like fun and on top of it I felt so guilty feeling this way. Because we are meant to feel happy and fullfilled when we are surrounded by a healthy, happy family, right? Well, I’ve discovered (and rediscovered many times) that I need solitude and time to be still in order to feel happy and good inside my own skin.

Although I love connections with others and being surrounded my family and friends I also love being alone and filling myself up with silence, space and stillness. I need this in order to truly thrive.

It took me years of trying to fight these needs and I it was so hard for me to first acknowledge what I desired and then ask for what I needed. I kept feeling like I should be fine and be able to cope with this lack of space and time for myself but gradually I let go.

Now I can feel when my body and soul need time alone and “nothing” to do. Instead of waiting until it becomes unbearable I reach out and ask for what I need. Sometimes I ask my husband, my children or my friends and sometimes I reach out to my soul sisters and Sacred Mastermind. 

Every time I am filled with awe and gratitude as they offer me exactly what I need at the perfect time. Sometimes I feel too fortunate and as if they are giving me too much. Surely, I have done nothing do deserve their unconditional love and devotion to my wellbeing. Then I remember that this is not about having to prove my worth.

We are all worthy of infinite amounts of love, support and a safe space to be held. So are YOU.

The first step is to ask. Then open up and receive. In this video I share how you can get in touch deeper with your desires and open up to receive MORE of what you need. I also share what’s been coming up for me as I’ve been doing this process. It’s been a very deep journey within myself and I am sharing one deeply rooted fear that has come up to the surface for me.

I hope this message supports and insires you on your journey. And please share this video with anyone you feel needs to receive it. Thank you.

If you want to read more about support I’ve written about it in this pretty in depth post here.

This month feels so important and I am feeling so grounded and present today. My last live calls were so magical and I want to invite you into even more magic. I love supporting you and pouring love into your heart!

Join me for these free Sacred Circles on and let’s tap into the full moon energy together and super charge our dreams.


Sign up here and join us. 


CALL 1: Thursday August 18 at 6 AM New York/11 AM UK/Noon CET/8 PM Sydney/10 PM New Zealand

CALL 2: Thursday August 18 at Noon Los Angeles/3 PM New York/8 PM UK/9 PM CET/Friday August 19 at 7 AM New Zealand


During this call you will:
// RECEIVE powerful, multi-dimensional healing energies so you can release the old energies and reconnect with a more vibrant, joyful and abundant reality.

// Reconnect with your deepest desires and the powerful energy of the full moon to supercharge your dreams

// Experience deep transformation and profound shifts.


I can’t wait to connect with you and create more magic together! And if you feel called to join my new program and mastermind for conscious entrepreneurs who want to do business in alignment with their heart and soul, find out more and lock in your space here. The early bird price is available until August 31 so join before then.

Beaming you so much love and joy, my friend,


PS: You are divinely supported. Always. Feel it in your whole being.

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