Hello beautiful soul,

I don’t know about you but 2014 was such a BIG ONE. There were amazing moments and pure moments of grace. And some pretty challenging ones too! I know, every year has its own set of ups and downs but last year was definitely a big rollercoaster for me. I am so grateful for all the lessons and I know that I had to go through it all in order to become who I am today. So thank you!

And thank goodness it’s over ; ). If you want to know how I released my year I wrote all about it here. It’s so important to do this before we head into the New. And it’s never too late.

As I linger in between these two years I can feel the old year letting go (or is it me?) and the new one is taking shape. I love the promise of a new year. I love change, deep transformation and the feeling of starting on a fresh page. Can you feel it? In this moment I feel like anything becomes possible again.

Of course change and miracles can happen at any time but I can taste the new year when I close my eyes and allow myself to feel it fully.

I love reading other people’s reviews of the year so here we go!

My Word Of The Year

Every year I choose a word to guide my year – or maybe it chooses me – and this year it was: SHINE. As you can probably guess I named my new intuitive readings package Shine Your Light because of this. I love this word and it meant peeling off all the layers of old stuff (patterns, stories, relationships) that no longer fit me in order to be who I truly am. Looking back I realize that this can be a really deep and painful process. For me this meant becoming very grounded and setting very clear and strong boundaries. I’ve wanted to have clearer boundaries for years but it wasn’t until this year that I fully understood what that meant. For me. And for my friends and family.

Having clear boundaries with strangers was pretty easy but when I started to clearly see where my boundaries were really thin (or non existant) between me and my closest friends and family it started to become tricky. It’s been a very intense process and I am so grateful to be on the other side of it (for now!). Learning from Hiro Boga and Leonie Dawson has been so helpful. And I was happy to discover that for many people in my life strong boundaries helped them too. I wrote about boundaries here and because it resonated with so many of you I created a guided meditation too.


My Dreams That Came True

// I had an awesome January & February filled with new and old clients who booked intuitive readings and Shine Your Light packages. It was SO much fun and I was on a buzz all month. Love my work!

// I knew in my soul that I had to sign up for B-school so I did. This was a huge investment for me but I knew the money would show up and it did. Great lesson in trusting my inner voice and in taking big leaps. A lot happened after that and it was so clear that the Universe was giving me a high five and sprinkling me with fairy dust : ).

// I had a jam packed spring and was invited by the lovely Joanna Hennon to do a Spirit Guide Workshop in Brussels in March. The group was so wonderful and the weather was so spectacular that we spent hours in the park, connecting with trees and Mother Earth. Pretty good for a workshop in a big city! On top of that, Joanna and I spent hours chatting about business, spirituality and life while munching on gorgeous food and drinking wine. Yep, that’s how I roll ; ).

// I spent a long weekend in March with my soul sister Jackie Stewart. She showed me the magical Hebden Bridge and we feasted on green juice and gorgeous organic food while talking and laughing for hours. It was so much fun and I loved every minute of it!

// My soul sister Pernilla and I held two Spirit Guide Workshops in Stockholm and my super sweet friend/amazing yoga teacher/awesome photographer Malin Wittig did a hilarious (and freaking cold!) photo shoot with us in a beautiful park. I love the energy in the photos and am beyond happy about them. I’m not very comfortable in front of a camera so this was a big deal for me.


// My amazing friend Danielle Dove and I created our first Spirit Guides & Angels Virtual Retreat and it was such and exciting adventure! What an intense, powerful and joyful experience. It was so wonderful to share it with Danielle and the women in the group were such beautiful souls.

// I wanted to write more in 2014 and I definitely did. I started writing a blog for WellBeing Magazine Australia and wrote lots of guest posts about finding my soul sisters, finding my life’s purpose and how to make dreams come true.

// I relaunched my Spirit Guide Kit. My lovely friend Melissa Cuzzilla created a gorgeous e-book and was such an amazing partner to work with. I love the new Kit and so many of you did too!

// I was invited to be a part of Carla Woods, The Intuitive Mumma’s, inspiring Motherhood & Mindfulness summit. This was so much fun and the other women were amazing! More of this, please : ).

// Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would interview the lovely Hiro Boga but it happened. I loved this conversation and if you want to get to know Hiro better and tune into her special kind of magic you can find the interview here. More miracles: I was invited to help her facilitate the BYOBA forum from September to December. This was a deeply transformative and very powerful experience and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’m deeply grateful for Hiro’s loving presence and the incredible group. Such a divinely nurturing and expansive journey!

// In September I offered my very first free e-course 7 Days To A More Intuitive You and it was SO much fun! The idea flew into my heart and it was created with so much ease and joy I was amazed. Great learning experience and the group was amazing! I’ll be doing more of that.

// I finally brought together a group of soulful biz women where I live. I didn’t think it was possible but it was! I love meeting them and together we help each other soar. Such a blessing!

// I rested, spent time alone, got massages and read more books in bed than I have in a very long time.

My Dreams That Didn’t Come True

:: I didn’t write the book that kept nudging me. I’m ok with that and know it’ll come back when the time is right. Next time I’ll listen and make space for it to be born. The funny thing is that a few of my articles from WildSister Magazine were published in Wild+Precious that was released this month. Loved the sign from the Universe : ). And the book is gorgeous!


:: My big wish for this year was to double my income. That didn’t happen. At first I was really disappointed but then I realized I spent the whole year building solid foundations for my business to grow with ease. I let go of my inner obstacles and learnt to ground myself and stand in my own power so I can hold more. More energy, more money and bigger dreams. And no matter what, I feel so blessed, so abundant. I also created systems and structure to support my business as it grows. I’m ready now so bring it on! : )

:: I spent way too much time in front of my computer and my body craves movement.

:: I wanted to travel more, longer and with my family. More travel next year!


My Wishes + Plans For 2015

I have so many dreams so they will probably change, evolve and grow depending on the guidance I receive. I will most likely do a lot more than this too : ).

// My core desired feelings are: FREE  ~  WILD  ~  PRESENT  ~  JOYFUL ~  SOVEREIGN  ~  GROUNDED  ~ ALIVE

// Spend January and Februray doing lots of intuitive readings – either single sessions or through the Shine Your Light packages – for wonderful souls like you. I’ve also invited a bunch of my amazing soul sisters to do a Blog Tour on the theme Shine Your Light. The tour starts on January 5 and goes on until January 29 so stay tuned.

// Be a part of the Divinely Connected Biz Joint Venture during the whole month of January. Find out more and receive lots of gorgeous free gifts here.

//Spend a whole month in Sweden with my family. I’m feeling a strong pull to connect with my roots, my ancestors and to visit a few of the places where I grew up. I haven’t been back to these places in so many years. It feels like the time is right.

//Join Hiro Boga and a lovely group for her program How To Rule Your World From The Inside Out from January 19-March 9. The free live call takes place on Tuesday January 6 at 10 am Pacific time/7 pm CET so sign up here and join us. I’m exploring the classes and they are pure bliss. I love working with Hiro’s programs and to deepen my relationships with the devas.

// Rent a bigger house! I can adapt to pretty much anything but I really long for more space. My own working space, separate rooms for our children and a space for my husband to relax and listen to his music. And a small garden with an oak tree would be lovely too!

// I loved running 7 Days To A More Intuitive You and so many of you signed up that I will create a longer version of it. We will start in April and play together for a whole month. I can’t wait!

// I’m offering another Spirit Guide Retreat March 14-15 in a magical place here in the south of France. It’s called Nid des Anges (the angels nest) and it’s divine. Spaces are limited so get in touch if you are interested.



// Be one of the guest teachers in my friend Jackie Stewart’s amazing Soul Sanctuary in March.

// Offer intuitive readings at a spiritual festival.

// Create conferences where you can play and explore your intuitive skills. Both online and offline.

// Connect deeper with my ancestors and the land. I long for more connections with nature and to explore my own voice.

// Move as often as possible! I wish to dance more, play, laugh, run in the woods and go for long hikes in the mountains. My body needs to move more and I want it to do this with more ease and flow.

// Travel as much as possible! I dream of spending a long weekend in London, dancing in Cuba and hiking in Canada.


So, how was your year? And what are your dreams for 2015?

Thank you so much for your loving presence during this year. It means so much to me.

I wish you so much joy, ease and deep transformation for the coming year. May you connect with your deepest desires and may all your dreams come true!

With so much love and gratitude,








PS: If you haven’t started releasing last year and/or created your vision for next year, get Leonie Dawson’t gorgeous workbook & planner HERE and join me.








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