How are you, sweet soul ?

Are you running faster and faster as we get closer to the holidays or are you taking some time off to breathe?

I’m doing a bit of both ; ). I’ve been quite busy with the big give-away – Check it out HERE if you haven’t entered yet. It ends on December 15 and there are 14 gorgeous gifts to win – wrapping up the last Shine Your Light sessions for this year and doing the first intuitive readings for 2015.

I really enjoy my work and I love being immersed in the intense feelings of love and being blessed + blissed out that I’m experiencing this year. As the year is slowly coming to an end I am taking the time I need to feel into it. I’m revisiting the wonderful things, people and projects and acknowledging the joy, love and wisdom they offered me. I also go back to the things that didn’t go as I wanted or that left me feeling angry, disappointed or empty. I allow for all these experiences to just be and release them as much as I can.

As I stop to let go of the old I make space for the new year to emerge. I start receiving images and visions for 2015 and although I sometimes get really impatient I give them enough space to breathe and take shape in their own time.

I notice that each year I am able to let go more and allow for everything to just be, without having to speed up the process or fix anything that feels broken.

I know I’m not the only one to go through these phases so I’d love to share my end of year rituals, how to end the year with grace. I take 1-2 days off (as much as I can : ) to go as deeply as I can into this process.

  • I prepare myself for a really cosy time by cleaning out my bedroom and setting up a sacred space filled with candles, crystals, my favourite coloured pens and notebooks. I make hot tea (chai with almond milk and honey) and bring a plate filled with fresh fruit and chocolate.
  • I close the door and start dreaming my way back through the past year. I use a mix of energy processes that I’ve learnt from the lovely Hiro Boga, channeling messages from my spirit guides and the closing process Leonie Dawson suggests in her awesome workbooks.
  • I spend some time going back to celebrate and fully integrate all the great things that happened during the year. Sometimes I forget to do this and just skim through so this is a great time to go deeper and really breathe in all the good stuff.
  • The next part is to go back to the things that didn’t go so well in order to go deeper into them. It’s important for me to do this in order to understand the whole story so I can learn more about why they didn’t go well, what was really going on and what I can learn from this experience. Side note: I don’t believe in mistakes. I believe that we are here to experience and learn as much as we can so we become wiser, more loving and compassionate human beings. It’s all valuable and everything we do brings us closer to our true essence and purpose/path.
  • I allow myself to experience my year once again and make sure I do it on as many levels as possible. I feel everything I need to feel again in my body, I dream it, I paint, draw or collage it to access my creative parts and I write in order to understand both with my mind and my heart (my writing is part information, part channeling).
  • Often when I do big inner work my body feels tense or I feel the need to move (yoga, stretching, dance) so I love receiving a massage to release and integrate all the wisdom or go for long walks in nature.
  • When this first phase feels complete and I feel done with the year I start making space for the new year. This process is slower and I usually let it emerge over a few weeks and until I feel complete.

I’ll share more about my new year’s rituals in January so check back in then.

I wish you a beautiful, gentle time before the holidays and will check in next week with a post about my favourite solstice rituals.

With love & gratitude,


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