You are a beautiful, bright-eyed and highly intutive soul sister.

You can sense what other people feel and you have an open and geneorous heart.

Spirit whispers to you but your mind/ego is bringing on the fears and self doubt.

In your heart you know that you are meant to live a life filled with purpose. You know that there is more to life than this and your deepest wish is to receive clear and loving guidance from within.

How do I know this? Because you are another me.

Before I started consciously connecting with my spirit guides over 13 years ago I was a pretty intuitive and very empathic young woman. On the outside my life looked perfect (great job, nice boyfriend, awesome friends – check) but on the inside I longed for a life filled with purpose and a deeper connection with my heart and soul.

When I signed up for a weekend workshop to learn how to channel messages from my spirit guides I was excited and scared of how that would change my life. I felt the fear and jumped anyway and wow, am I grateful that I did.

Opening up my heart to receive clear guidance and so much support from my spirit guides changed everything.


My Spirit Guide Kit is filled to the brim with all the wisdom, clarity and LOVE that I have received over the years both for myself and from the amazing people who have attended my workshop and who have worked with the Spirit Guide Kit.

This Kit is for you if you feel a strong desire to connect with your guides for the first time

OR if you already feel the connection but want to deepen it and learn how to trust it MORE.

I know in my heart that YOU are a deeply intuitive being and you have such incredible gifts to share with the world.


What you will learn in the Spirit Guide Kit

Step 1: Preparing to channel your spirit guides

  • Learning how to ground yourself and create a sacred and safe space for yourself.
  • You will have fun and connect + receive messages from your favourite crystal or something else from nature
Step 2: Opening up to meeting your spirit guide(s)
  • A very powerful and oh-so-magical experience meeting you spirit guide in a very special place (my favourite meditation EVER)
  • Grounding yourself and integrating the energy you’ve received
Step 3: Channeling for yourself
  • You’ll create a beautiful and safe space where you can meet your spirit guide
  • Receiving messages and gorgeous healing energies from your spirit guide!
Step 4: Channeling for others
  • You will play and practice channeling on someone else in the group
  • You will learn how to do an intuitive reading!
  • You’ll receive lots of support and guidance from Karina on how to do great readings
Step 5: Go deeper
  • A gorgeous and very powerful guided meditation will help you reinforce this connection with your spirit guide
  • You’ll keep reciving messages both for yourself and for others in the group.

You are now an amazing intuitive reader and you receive clear and loving guidance

from your spirit guide both for yourself and for others

Spirit Guide Kit button

Get my Kit today and learn everything

I know about how to communicate with your Spirit Guide

Will you join us, soul sister?

Option 1

The kit + access to our private Facebook group


Investment: 107 USD



Option 2 (Premium)

The kit + access to our private Facebook group

+ one 60 min intuitive reading + unlimited e-mail support for one month


Investment: 277 USD



To find out other conversion rates, please click here.

If you would like a payment plan, please contact me by e-mail at

This Kit will give you the 5 Steps you can take to create a safe space to connect with your spirit guides and receive all the support and guidance you need to live the life you were born to live.

Connecting with your spirit guides will give you :

  • SO much love and support that your fears and blocks will melt away
  • Crystal clear messages so you can move forward with confidence and ease
  • Clarity about your Soul’s Purpose and your unique gifts
  • A deeper understanding of your past, present and future so you can make conscious choices
  • Very powerful and loving healing energies so you can heal yourself and others on all levels (physical, emotional, spiritual)
  • A higher perspective on your life and the lives of others so you don’t have to get caught up in drama
  • The tools to release what no longer serves you so you can step into the highest and shiniest version of yourself
  • A safe and sacred space to open up and strong energetic boundaries

I believe that you are an amazing soul and you already know how to connect with your spirit guides. As children we are always connected and move in the natural flow of life. Growing up we start shutting off this part of us and when we become adults we start feeling disconnected and lost.


I created this Kit while holding you close to my heart. My deepest wish is for you to remember who you truly are to watch you reconnect with your loving support team of spirit guides, angels and other divine beings. (Yes, the tools you learn in this Kit will also help you to connect with your guardian angels, ancestors and people who have passed away)

Can I really learn how to receive messages from my Spirit Guide with this Kit?

If you read the Kit, watch the videos with an open mind and heart and follow the guided meditations you will create a connection with your spirit guides. They are already here. They are waiting for you to be ready. When you say yes and give yourself the support you need to connect with them the whole Universe will stand behind you. You already know how to channel so this Kit is only helping you to remember this.

In addition to the Kit I have also created a private Facebook group so you can connect with other people who are on this path and I will be there to answer any questions you may have. Take a moment to feel the love and support that is there for you.

Is it safe for me to open up to my Spirit Guides?

Yes! I invite you to follow each step in the Kit and to listen to your own inner voice as you move forward. Trust that you know what is good for you. In this Kit you will learn how to create a loving and safe space so you can open up (and close down) when you need to. You are a divinely guided and sovereign being. Don’t give your power away to anything « out there ». Keep your focus within and trust that you have the power to create the sacred and safe space you need to connect with your spirit guides inside you.

What does it feel like to channel?

I am an experienced healer/intuitive/tarot reader/alternative practitioner. Is this Kit for me?

Yes! You have probably already received messages or support in some form from your guides. These videos and guided meditations will allow you to deepen this connection and you will also learn how to receive clear verbal or written messages for yourself and for your clients. Learning how to channel creates spiritual growth on so many levels and you will receive the support you need to experience the next shift or transformation.

I have never done any spiritual work before. Is this kit for me?

Yes! All you need is to have an open heart and a deep wish to open up to your guides. They already know you. They are longing to connect with you. Trust your inner voice and trust your guides. If you feel unsure about the process, maybe Option 2 (Premium) will give you the extra support and one on one attention you need to move forward on your path.



It fills my heart with so much joy and gratitude to be able to offer these Kits to YOU. I feel so blessed to be sharing these powerful techniques and my experience with you in order to help and support you to grow even more into who you truly are.

Option 1

– The kit

– Access to our private Facebook group


107 USD



Option 2 (Premium)

– The kit

– Access to our private Facebook group

– One 60 min intuitive reading

– Unlimited e-mail support for one month


277 USD



You are a beautiful, shining soul. You are made of the stars and the land you gently walk on.

You are filled with magic and you are powerful beyond measure.

I see you. I hear you. I love you.

You are so important to this world.

You are a light worker, an earth guardian and you are called upon to create this New World with all of us.

We are all one

If you have any questions or wish to know more about the Spirit Guide Kits, I would love to connect with you by e-mail here.

With love and blessings,




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