Spirit Guide & Angel Connection Virtual Retreat – March 22-23


Do you know that you have an amazing & powerful support team of spirit guides and angels by your side at all times?

Do you know that you are always fully supported?

Do you know that you are deeply, unconditonally LOVED?

If you are longing for a deeper connection with yourself and with your own spiritual support team then this retreat is for YOU.

Danielle Dove and I have created this 2 day virtual retreat in order to give you the time and space you need to fully connect with your spirit guides and angels. Whether you already sense/feel/know your spirit guides are there or if you are only just opening up to an idea that they may exist, Danielle and I will meet you exactly where you are now and guide you through a very easy step by step process to help you connect and communicate clearly with them.

Together we will create and hold a loving and safe space for you to explore these inner journeys through guided meditations. You will learn how to receive channeled information and both do automatic writing and channel for someone else.

As we do during our live retreats, we will create a gorgeous space for you to release anything that may be blocking you, heal and open up to receive divine guidance and we will hold the space throughout our 2 days together.

Each and everyone of you was born with a clear distinct path and you face many opportunities for growth on that path.

Which decisions will help you have the happiest life?


Angels are here to shift your energy to a higher frequency so you can clearly see where the decisions you make may lead to – and are they authentic to your life purpose?

Are you currently feeling stuck in a professional or personal relationship that no longer

feels right but are afraid to leave or unsure of your next steps?

Is it bringing much ache and pain in your heart?

Allowing your intuition to guide you on your path means you will be able to communicate with guides and angels. When you finally feel confident and whole about a decision you will make in the coming months, you will be that much happier to have clearly connected to your angels. You will feel uplifted and confident on a whole new level. Trust us when we say, this retreat is meant to help you reach your greatest potential.


Connecting with your angelic team, and understanding how to communicate with them, recognizing their energetic blueprint, as compared to that of Spirit Guides will help you practice a language you knew long ago. The language of energy. Learn to speak it with all of your clairs, or just the ones that are open for you today. Learn how to clean and activate a clair through your chakras and simply dive into fun, playful exercises to get to know your archangels and angels like never before!

Karina and I will be there holding your hand through it and as a channel for the angelic realm,

I can guarantee you, you will have an experience that will change your life forever.

Learning to connect with and channel angels around you raises the frequency of the planet so effortlessly. We love you lots and everyone of you can do this. Allow it to happen, breathe and follow us into a beautiful sacred space!

What does this look like?

  1. On March 21 at 12 Eastern S.T (5 pm CET/9 am Pacific S.T./3 am on March 22 Sydney time),  find your time zone here) the doors close and you will receive my completely re-branded and improved Spirit Guide Kit (5 guided meditations, 5 videos & an e-book) that you will work on during the retreat + we will open up a private Facebook group where you can share your journey and receive support from Danielle and I. This group will be open until March 30 at 11 am Eastern S.T./5 pm CET.
  2. On March 22 at 12 Eastern S.T. (5 pm CET/9 am Pacific S.T./3 am on March 23 Sydney time) you will receive Danielle’s material (pdfs, videos and more) so you can start working with your angels and archangels.


What you will learn in the Spirit Guide Kit

Step 1: Preparing to channel your spirit guides

  • Learning how to ground yourself and create a sacred and safe space for yourself.
  • You will have fun and connect + receive messages from your favourite crystal or something else from nature
Step 2: Opening up to meeting your spirit guide(s)
  • A very powerful and oh-so-magical experience meeting you spirit guide in a very special place (my favourite meditation EVER)
  • Grounding yourself and integrating the energy you’ve received
Step 3: Channeling for yourself
  • You’ll create a beautiful and safe space where you can meet your spirit guide
  • Receiving messages and gorgeous healing energies from your spirit guide!
Step 4: Channeling for others
  • You will play and practice channeling on someone else in the group
  • You will learn how to do an intuitive reading!
  • You’ll receive lots of support and guidance from Karina and Danielle on how to do great readings
Step 5: Go deeper
  • A gorgeous and very powerful guided meditation will help you reinforce this connection with your spirit guide
  • You’ll keep reciving messages both for yourself and for others in the group.

You are now an amazing intuitive reader and you receive clear and loving guidance from your spirit guide both for yourself and for others

Day 1 – Saturday March 22: Connect with your spirit guides and open up to receive their guidance and unconditional love

  • CALL #1: 12 am Eastern S.T. (5 pm CET/9 am Pacific S.T./3 am on March 23 Sydney time): We will meet on a 30 minute live call* where I will introduce you to the Day 1 journey, open the space so you can safely begin connecting with your spirit guides. After the call it’s time to dig into the Spirit Guide Kit for 3 hours. During that time, Danielle will create a very special Transmuter around your homes taught to her by Doreen Virtue herself after she received her certification from her in their private chat group. She even placed one around her house in Las Vegas! 
  • CALL #2: 3 pm Eastern S.T. (8 pm CET/12 am Pacific S.T./6 am on March 23 Sydney time): We’ll meet for a 60 minute live call* where you can ask questions, share where you are on the journey & receive one on one support from Danielle and I.  After the call you keep working on the Kit and we’ll also prepare you for part 2 of today: channeling for each other! In our 15+ years of combined experience, everyone we have worked with was able to channel. Using our heart centered technique of allowing spirit to flow through will help you. The key is to get out of the way and allow it to happen, from your heart. You can do this and we’ll be there to guide you.
  • CALL #3: 6.30 pm Eastern S.T. (11.30 pm CET/12.30 pm Pacific S.T./9.30 am on March 23 Sydney time): YOU DID IT! During this 60 minute live call* we will share the experience, how it went and if you need our intuition looking at what happened. We read energies so we can look deeply very quickly. And then to keep everyone safe, we wash you with the light stream and I’ll do a sacred closing ceremony for the group.

(*Don’t worry if you can’t make the calls, they will be recorded and sent to you afterwards.)

Day 2 – Sunday March 23: Earth Angels in Training One Day Intensive with Danielle Dove

    • CALL #1: Noon-12.30 pm Eastern S.T (5-5.30 pm CET/9-9.30 am Pacific S.T./3-3.30 am on March 24 Sydney time): We will meet on a 30 minute live call* where Danielle will introduce you to the Day 2 journey and open the space. Get ready to receive a clearing in the light stream with the Archangels of the Light. Know your intuitive gifts more intimately using activating chakra clearing techniques. Discover why your clairs (Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Claircognizance) make you a sensitive power house that can channel healing light for others, give readings fast and know exactly how to conduct a healing from beginning to end. All the wisdom is in you energy babes + beaus! Start surfing through Part 1 of Earth Angels in Training, created to activate your light suit.
    • CALL #2: 3-4 pm Eastern S.T. (8-9 pm CET/12 am-1 pm Pacific S.T./6-7 am on March 24 Sydney time): 60 minutes to meditate with angels and activate your healing hands. If you have a partner at home doing the course with you, you can practice reading cords and energy clusters on them…or learn with us how to do it from afar. Get ready to do your first healing with the angels – or continue doing them without the energy drainage if you are an experienced healer. Danielle will walk you through safe and proven methods to help you recognize an energy as positive or negative, call on the angels to send it to the light. You will be shielded and protected throughout the experience. We will make sure of if before, during and especially after.
    • CALL #3: 6.30-7.30 pm Eastern S.T. (11.30 pm-12.30 am CET/12.30-1.30 pm Pacific S.T./9.30-10.30 am on March 24 Sydney time): YOU DID IT, AGAIN! During this 60 minute live call* we will gather to take stock of what you did, how it went and if you need our help to make sure the healing is as close to complete as possible. Remember we read energies in seconds so we can look deeply very quickly. And then to keep everyone safe, we wash you with the light stream, cut your cords to one another and Danielle will do a sacred closing ceremony.

What if I can’t make the group coaching calls?

All calls will be recorded, in case you need to miss any of them and they will be sent to you asap. If you’re in a different time zone, you can e-mail us your questions beforehand so we can answer them during the call and you will have access to the private Facebook group so you will be able to interact Danielle and I as well as the other participants.

What if I need to cancel the retreat?

Life can be unpredictable at times, we understand. If you cancel up to 14 days before the program begins, we will return your payment minus a 20 USD administrative fee. If you cancel 13 days or less before the retreat starts, your payment is non-refundable.

How much time will it take to do the retreat? What if I fall behind? 

Prepare for this retreat by taking the weekend off if you can and be present as much as possible. Take the time you need and work at your own pace. You will keep all the materials so you can come back and do them over and over again. You also have the whole week until Sunday March 30 at 11 am Eastern P.T./5 pm CET to receive support from us and the other participants in our Facebook group. You will be able to use the powerful techniques you will learn forever so don’t worry about not doing it all in one weekend. This is your time so honour yourself and listen to your own inner rhythm.

If you want to know more about this retreat before you sign up, sign up at the bottom of this page. We will send you more information (videos, Q&A’s, blog posts) about the retreat and answer all your questions.

Why would you want to communicate with your Spirit Guide and Angels? It will give you:

  • One on one Spiritual Guidance whenever you need it
  • The inner knowing that you are always loved and showered with light
  • Amazing spiritual growth
  • Access to all the healing energies you need to clear any blockages or dissolve pain and fear
  • So much more faith in life and in your own power
  • A much stronger intuition
  • An incredible inner strength and you will feel so centered
  • A clearer sense of your Life’s Purpose
  • Stronger and clearer boundaries
  • Powerful bursts of creative energy
  • The freedom to be You
  • A lot of big laughs! (our guides have a great sense of humor ; )


If these words are resonating in your heart then this retreat is for you. Danielle and I will be your loving and grateful guides through this journey and it is our pleasure to support you, dearest lightworker.

As you are all unique human beings and each group will hold its own gorgeous energy it is part of our mission to create a retreat that fits your needs where you are right now.


Are you ready to join us?

Spirit Guide & Angel Connection Virtual Retreat March 22-23


  1. Receive our intuitive eye and 15+ years of experience combined looking at your energy and any blockages for an entire week after the retreat on the facebook group (Value: $500+)

  2. Archangel Michael and Danielle Dove will personally place a transmuter around your home to provide ongoing protection. A Transmuter looks like a large belt with a ‘filter box’ filtering out negative energies and protects you from lower energy entities. Danielle was taught how to do these by Doreen Virtue (Value: $300)

  3. My Spirit Guide Kit  (e-book + meditations + videos (Value: $89)

  4. Danielle Dove’s Earth Angels In Training Part 1 e-book (Value: $44)

  5. Certification credits for Earth Angels in Training upon completion of a written test if you choose to go on and earn a certification from Danielle Dove in Healing Dove Therapy. (Value: $99)

  6. Continue training with the resources and the worldwide friends you met on the FB group… (Value: priceless)

VALUE: $1032

Your investment: $159


To find out other conversion rates, please click here.

If you are having doubts or fears coming up don’t worry, this is normal and part of the process when you’re about to take a big leap. If you have any questions about this retreat please let me know and I would love to help [email protected] or sign up to my Love Letters where I will be answering all your questions & sharing some videos and blog posts about spirit guides (and so much more!).


It fills our hearts with so much joy and gratitude to be able to offer these retreats to YOU. Danielle and I feel so blessed to be sharing these powerful techniques and our experience with you in order to help and support you to grow even more into who you truly are.

You are a beautiful, shining soul. You are made of the stars and the land you gently walk on.

You are filled with magic and you are powerful beyond measure.

I see you. I hear you. I love you.

You are so important to this world.

You are a light worker, an earth guardian and you are called upon to create this New World with all of us.

We are all one

With love and blessings,



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