Hello sweet friends,

I hope you are really enjoying your summer/winter holidays and that you are giving yourself the time and space you need to recharge your batteries after an intense 6 months (life? ; ). I for one am really happy to be on the other side of Mercury retrograde and I’ve been taking quite some time to relax, take great care of myself and go deeper into the soul work I am doing at the moment. And when I think there is nothing more to release something more comes up. What a journey this is!

In the last few weeks I’ve invited in bigger opportunities in my work and I’m also bringing the work I already do to more people and on a bigger scale. I’m taking my time because it’s definitely triggering my feelings of not being powerful and worthy of this. I love working on my own stuff in order to become more present and aligned in my business.

As many of you know I love Hiro Boga and her incredibly powerful work. One of her signature programs Become Your Own Business Adviser is starting for the 10th time this fall (on September 14th) and Hiro so generously accepted to answer some of my questions about her work and BYOBA. Many of you have contacted me to learn more about my experince working with it so I think you’l love this. This summer Hiro is offering a FREE 3-week long e-course to give you a taste of BYOBA’s magic so sign up now and join her on July 14th.

We chat about what BYOBA really is about, how you can use it to transform and get a deeper understanding of pretty much everything in your life and Hiro shares how she created it. I also talk about how working with these powerful energy processes has transformed both myself and my business.

To access and download the audio, please click here.


HiroBbio Hiro Boga

Hiro Boga is a  warm and soulful business strategist, teacher and mentor to world-renowned authors, teachers, leaders and healers. She offers private mentoring, retreats and programs designed to help creative entrepreneurs unfold the miracle of their beautiful businesses.

Her signature programs Become Your Own Business Adviser and Rule Your World From The Inside Out have been called “masterful,” “miraculous,” and “rich with illuminating, grounded and specific intuitive insights.”

Over the course of her 30+ year career, Hiro has helped thousands of students and clients reclaim creative power & sovereignty at work, home, and play — with tangible effects that resonate in their hearts, minds, and bank accounts.

As a story-shaper, energy alchemist, leader & business mentor, Hiro blends transformative spiritual practices with pragmatic entrepreneurial principles. Using energy alchemy practices, her clients consciously shape their inner ecology & outer reality to unfold the miracle of their business.

Connect with Hiro online at HiroBoga.com and on Facebook and Twitter @HiroBoga



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