Woo hooooo!

Hello Beautiful YOU!

I am SO happy and excited (can you tell? ; ) to be relaunching my Spirit Guide Kit today! I’ve been channeling messages from my Spirit Guides for over 13 years now and my biggest dream when it comes to my work has always been to teach others to do the same.


I am not more intuitive, better at meditating or at mastering my nagging mind than you are.


The reason why I receive clear and loving messages from my Spirti Guides is because I said YES to connecting with them during that awesome workshop in May 2001 and I’ve spent a lot of time practicing.

I love meeting you IRL and showing you all my tools and tricks so you can step into that incredibly powerful and intuitive being that you are. Yes, you, sweet friend.  However, the reality of our 3D world is that I can’t travel everywhere and teach workshops all the time. I wish!

So in order to give you the chance to connect with your Spirit Guides in a safe, clear and conscious way I have created this Kit that you can download and use whenever you want to. This Kit is filled with all the tools and wisdom I have gathered over the years and it brings me so much joy to share these with you.


Are you ready to receive amazing and super loving support from your guides and angels?

Find out more and get your copy HERE.


If you want to help me spread the word about my Spirit Guide Kit and receive money, appreciation and lots of virtual hugs from me you can sign up for my affiliate program here.

If you have a friend who would love to learn how to connect with her Spirit Guides, please share this post with her. Thank you!

To celebrate coming to the end of a long period of creating, dreaming and working on this new Kit I will eat a really big cake and go for a long walk in the sunshine.

I wish you a gorgeous day and can’t wait to connect with you soon!

With so much love and gratitude,






PS: Thank you for being a part of my tribe. I love you!

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