Spirit Guide Kit Affiliate Program

Hello Beautiful,
I am SO happy and honoured that you wish to become a Spirit Guide Kit affiliate!
This Kit is so dear to my heart, and my spirit guides and I have poured so much magic and healing energies into it. I hope you can feel it.

I know that you are a very intuitive and generous soul and in my heart I know that your friends and clients will receive access to so much wisdom and guidance from using and sharing this kit. So thank you for joining me and my lovely tribe on this journey! I am deeply grateful for your support.

It is my pleasure to share the abundance with YOU when you spread the love and divine connection that these kits offer.

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a way for you to benefit from spreading the word about things you love. If you sign up to be a Spirit Guide Kit affiliate, you’ll receive 50% of the income from every kit, option 1 (only the kit), and  20% from kit, option 2 (the kit+a 60 min reading+e-mail support).

This means that for every kit 1 someone buys through your affiliate link, you receive 53.50 USD and for kit 2 – 55.40 USD.

How does it work and when do I receive payment?

Affiliate membership is set up and tracked through e-junkie.com which is free to join.  When you sign up as a Spirit Guide Kit affiliate, you’ll receive a special code for my e-products to use in e-mails, blog posts, on your website, newsletters, on Twitter, Facebook and other social media.

Anytime somebody clicks on your special affiliate code, a cookie is created on their web browser that will last for 6 months. This means that if someone clicks on your code and subsequently buys a Spirit Guide Kit any time during that 6 months, you’ll receive income from the sale.

You’ll receive an email as soon as somebody purchases a kit using your code and I’ll pay you between the 1st-10th of the month after you make the sale. So if you made a sale anytime between 1st-31st May you’d receive payment between 1st-10th June.

How do I sign up?

Follow these steps:

  1. Sign up to the affiliate mailing list so I can e-mail you the information about the affiliate program. Enter your details in the sign up form below.
  2. Click here to log into your existing e-junkie account or register for a new one.  It’s easy, free and will take you just 5 minutes. You’ll need to have a free Paypal account too.
  3. After you log in, go to “Manage Your Affiliate Account” and then click on “Get Affiliate Code”.
  4. Click the drop down menu, select “Karina Ladet” then click on the orange “Get Affiliate Code” button.
  5. Select  “Spirit Guide Kit – option 1” or  “Spirit Guide Kit – option 2” from the drop down menu then click on the orange “Get Affiliate Code” button again.
  6. Copy and paste your code and use it on your website, blog, e-newsletter and emails, Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

Sign up below to join the affiliate mailing list to receive more information about signing up and inspiration for sharing my Spirit Guide Kits.

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How to use your code to spread the love and earn affiliate income:

1. Paste your special affiliate code into Twitter or Facebook.  Shorten the link using bit.ly or tinyurl.
2. Promote my Spirit Guide Kits in your newsletter. You can use the descriptions I’ve used on my site and there’s lots more inspiration in the e-mails you receive when you join the affiliate mailing list.
3. Review my kits on your blog and share your own journey with them. This is a great resource for your clients and tribe!
4. Interview me or ask me to do a guest post for your blog.
5. E-mail friends or clients who you think would benefit from these kits. Communicating with your spirit guides gives you so much support and love.
6. Place a linked image on your blog’s sidebar so that when your visitors click on the link, you earn income when they buy one of my kits.

Please use the images below and thank you so much for your loving support! It means so much to me and I love supporting YOU so that you can also embrace your dream life and follow your soul’s purpose.

And if you have any other questions please e-mail me at [email protected] and I’d love to help!

With so much love and gratitude to you, sweet friend!


P.S. Remember to sign up to the affiliate mailing list so I can send you everything you need to get started.

Yes, I’m in!

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The Spirit Guide Kit is beautifully designed and filled with very simple but powerful tools to teach you how to receive clear messages from your spirit guides and angels both for yourself and for others. If you are unsure of your own intuitive abilities these tools will strengthen your confidence and help you clear any blocks and fears. And if you are already an experienced reader or healer these guided meditations will take you even deeper and allow you to expand and shift in such powerful ways. Are you ready to embrace your power and your Life’s Purpose?

Ideas For Sharing On Social Media

  • Are you ready to meet and channel your Spirit Guides? Join me now [your affiliate code]
  • Divine connection, clear communication and so much love and light – get Karina Ladet’s awesome Spirit Guide Kit! [your affiliate code]
  • If you long for a deeper connection to your heart and soul, this is just what you need [your affiliate code]
  • Connect with your Spirit Guides and your intuition will increase +you’ll trust it MORE [your affiliate code]
  • Use this Kit & receive one on one Spiritual Guidance whenever you need it  [your affiliate code]
  • Do you long for the inner knowing that you are always loved and showered with light?  [your affiliate code]
  • Do you know that you have an amazing & powerful support team of spirit guides and angels? Connect with them now [your affiliate code]


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