Hello Love,

How are you? I’m feeling very buzzy and excited today because Danielle Dove and I are finally launching our very first retreat together today. Pretty crazy, eh! This idea has been brewing inside me for a long time but it wasn’t until a month ago that it started taking on a clear shape. I’ve been offering live retreats for a couple of years now and I also created a Spirit Guide Kit for people who wanted to learn how to communicate with their spirit guides on their own.

I LOVE teaching this stuff! But something seemed to be missing… I missed sharing everything I’ve learned over the  (13!) years I’ve been channeling and also that real, human connection. So that is why I am super happy to be offering a Spirit Guide & Angel Connection VIRTUAL retreat on March 22-23. This means you get to enjoy this retreat from your own home (or anywhere you like, as long as you have an internet connection and a phone) AND we get to know each other better so I can support you just as much as I would during a live retreat. Apart from the hugging ; ).

I’ll be sharing the details later today and you can sign up and join us! So watch this space : ).

In the meantime I would love to share an amazing and inspiring blog challenge called Blanket the World with Love created by the passionate Christine Arylo at Madly In Love With Me. I must admit I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day but a Self-Love day sounds awesome. This is how you can join me:

  1. Take the Self-Love Pulse Check so you can see where you have a good relationship with yourself, and where you need to grow more self love in 2014. Choose the branch of self love you want to grow this year (self-compassion, self-empowerment, self-trust, self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-care, self-expression, self-pleasure, self-respect, self-esteem).
  2. Make and Take Your Self-Love Promise: Make your 2014 self-love promise that will keep you committed to yourself and being a good friend to yourself all year long – even when it’s tough to take self-loving acts. Then write down your promise and say it out loud!!
  3. Share Your Self-Love Promise: Write a blog post about the branch of self love you want to grow this year and share your self-love promise. Invite your readers to take the Self-Love Pulse Check and make a self-love promise. You can take your test .

When I took the test I felt so drawn to Self-Pleasure because it’s something I really want to commit to this year. Because I’m so passionate about my work and spirituality I tend to live and breathe both the business side of it and my spiritual practices. Of course there is nothing wrong with that but sometimes I feel like I’m doing too much of it and need some time to just HAVE FUN.

So this year my promise to myself is to invite more fun, joy and crazy, silly adventures into my life. I want to play MORE with my children, go on spontaneous roadtrips with my man and go out dancing all night with my girlfriends.

It’s interesting how often we get caught up in old ways of thinking about pleasure. Especially when it comes to our work. I feel very blessed to be doing work that I LOVE so much it doesn’t feel like work but I sometimes get too too driven and too focused on the serious parts of my business. Now, this can be great at times but I know that whenever I become to obsessed with working, fun and play definitely go out the window. Most of the time I notice this and come back to my heart again and sometimes I even stop and take a break. When I have a hard time switching off I know it’s time for me to slow down and do something silly or adventurous. How about you?

I would love for you to join me, so have a look at all the branches on this tree below and let me know which one calls your name + what your promise is.


Let’s keep spreading the LOVE!

I wish you a beautiful day, filled with joy, FUN and love!

Big hugs,


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