Hello sweet soul,

How are you? Are you feeling the moon slowly waning and the energy that is softening? I love this time of the year because the energy is buzzing and after the winter everything is coming to life again. Well, the winter here in the south of France was quite short and not very cold but it’s still lovely to be on the other side of it. We had our first barbecue last Sunday and there are flowers blossoming everywhere.

I am right in the middle of a big shift and I can feel something stirring deeply inside me. It’s like taking a big leap forward into the unknown and I feel both very excited and at so tempted to return to my cosy cave. Does this resonate for you?

Every big step forward brings up all our fears and the urge to grow and retreat are so strong.

I see this happening in me and also in my clients and friends. I keep reminding myself that this is part of the journey. Every time we step out of our comfort zone we have the possibility to release another layer of what we no longer need. I love seeing these opportunities as an invitation to grow and not a sign that the Universe is punishing me. Because this is my truth.

For me this is showing up because I started my year with the intention to become more visible – both online and in my community. I asked Source to bring me the perfect opportunities to step into the next level of my work here. My intention was to offer more live and online events, courses and to do more public speaking. I honestly had no idea how this would happen as I live in a rural area and most of my work is in English but I asked anyway.

In my heart I knew this was my next step, no matter how scary it felt.

So I set my intentions and surrendered to how and when it would happen. I continued to show up in every moment with as much presence and love as possible. And the right people started contacting me. Opportunities to speak at events, be a part of several joint ventures and to offer more courses. My first reaction was so much excitement. And joy. Oh, and then the fears and the doubts started kicking in. I’ve been doing this work for some time so I know this is part of the process.

I used to push back my fears and move through the doubts with a lot of determination. But now I slow down, bring each doubt, each fear into my heart and I speak with them. We have long chats and they share what’s going on for them and I share my ideas and big visions. There are often tears – either from sadness or the deepest gratitude – and a lot of inner hugging. And then we partner so we can move through the next phase together.

This is such a wonderful and loving way to move through life and all of its challenges. No pushing. No trying harder. Just an open heart and open ears. And deep, deep surrender to what is. In this moment.

One of the things that keep coming up for me is resisting to stand in my own power. My doubts and fears want me to stay small and comfortable and my soul longs for growth and expansion. This is bound to create some friction!

So I take the time to ease into the next step. When I address my fears and give them space to be and to communicate with me, we can move forward together as a team. And then I can create more space inside me to breathe in more power. This is such a gorgeous feeling! I also invite symbols and images to support me in this. I recently gifted myself one of the Violet Gray chakra necklaces and I love carrying the beautiful solar plexus chakra pendant around my neck. I touch it and it reminds me of my inner power.



Photo from the Violet Gray website

I also surround myself with powerful people who embody their power with grace and generosity. Hiro Boga, Leonie Dawson, Denise Duffield Thomas and Kris Carr are great female role models.

I would love to know if you are resisting your own power and how this plays out for you. Please share in the comments and feel free to share this post with anyone you think could benefit from this post.

I’m beaming you so much love and gratitude, dear friend!


PS : My wonderful friend and inspiration Leonie Dawson, recently wrote this post about surrounding herself with the right support and I was so happy that she mentioned my intuitive readings. I love doing readings for amazing people like Leonie and if you are looking for clarity and support to take the next big step in your life or business I would love to connect with you. Find out more and book yours here.















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