I am so grateful to be doing what I love the most when I work. My Soul fills up with joy and love when I receive amazing and generous praise from inspiring and courageous women and men who connect with me.

Thank you! I love you : )


397758_10151371303733738_166911870_n“Karina’s reading was spell-bindingly beautiful. It is absolutely, hands down the most accurate reading I have ever received. EVER. And this is coming from someone who has had a bazillion readings from some really well known readers.

Karina’s reading blew me away – she knew deeply and absolutely what I was going through. She gave me clarity and compassion and wise woman wisdom on what I needed to do.

Every single one of her words resonated as truth. I wholeheartedly recommend Karina and her intuitive guidance. She is an incredible woman with incredible gifts.”

Goddess Leonie Dawson, author & women’s teacher

Tara“Karina delivered cosmic wisdom to me that was poignant and precious. She gently reminded me of what’s real, what I have to be grateful for, and most excitingly, what I have to look forward to. With tears in my eyes, I paid close attention to every message, and my heart sang with love and joy at how accurately she described both my dreams and my marriage.

I left my reading with Karina feeling fuelled, refocused, and as if I was starting to remember what this life is all about. In times of doubt and frustration, Karina’s reading is my go-to resource; it energises me back into FAITH.

This type of service is a true testament to the many, many hours that Karina must have spent connecting to Divine
Spirit. She translates beautifully, and I trust in her connection, fully.”

Tara Bliss – Dream Strategist, Writer + Transition Coach

melissaC“Wow! Karina you are just one of the most lovable, gentile, compassionate and understanding person I have ever connected with so easily for the first time in just a matter of minutes….

The intuitive session you gave me was so over and above my expectations! The questions I needed to ask you all just flowed so organically to me and truly, I felt that I was not rushed and because of this I got to ask all the things that I was wanting guidance on.

Your responses were so right on, and hearing them just validated what I already felt but was not taking seriously – so I feel so good knowing that I’m now reassured.

I was struggling with clarity on how to proceed with my business, and how to really flourish in my business – your wisdom here was so real doable and powerful! Your advice on how to see mothering, getting the right support and dealing with self-sabotage in a different light has really inspired me to unblock what has been weighing me down.

I can’t wait for our next session and to have you support me more. Your not only my talented intuitive coach – your my new kindred friend!”

Melissa Cuzzilla – Spiritual Mentor and Heartfelt Graphic Designer

jia ni 2“I booked an intuitive reading with Karina because I felt uncertain, lost, and there were a few things I could not get my head around. I didn’t know what to expect, but Karina patiently explained the process before we started, putting me at complete ease.

She channels unconditional love and beautiful wisdom. Her guides lovingly nudged me at the right direction, and I am now so much more at peace. Everything I couldn’t understand (logically) – her guide helped me to in the most gentle, truthful and clarifying way. I could not recommend her services higher enough – and I’ve been raving about her to everyone I know!

If you feel like you need some guidance right now – don’t put it off anymore! You will walk away from your reading completely renewed with conviction, feeling so light, and knowing that amazing
miracles are already unfolding for you!”

Jia Ni Teo – Holistic Nutritionist + Intuitive Soul Coach

MeganKoufos“I had the most amazing reading with Karina. I felt an instant connection with her, she is such a beautiful and gentle soul and I feel blessed and truly grateful to have found her. The accuracy, love and support from her reading was so spot on that I could feel the tears well in my eyes while she was channeling. She knew exactly what was going on in my life at the time of my reading and the guidance I received was exactly what I needed to be able to move forward on my path with renewed enthusiasm, focus and trust.

I completely recommend Karina for any intuitive guidance. She is beautiful soul with a beautiful gift from the Divine that deserves to be shared with you and the world.”

Megan Koufos – Family Soul Mentor & Intuitive Child Whisperer

AmyMiller“Karina is a beautiful, heart-warming, gentle, kind and giving soul. Her reading for me was beyond what I could ever have imagined.

It was so accurate and spot on and without knowing anything about me, she was able to clarify things that had been bugging me for quite some time. The reading gave me great insight, solved several problems and has given me great hope for the future.

I highly recommend Karina to anyone who needs guidance or clarity in any aspect of their life, she will without doubt be able to help. I will definitely be calling on Karina in the future again, she really rocks!”

Amy Miller

“I was on the precipice of something extraordinary, yet still hanging for dear life on the edge of ‘what if?’ Karina’s reading appeared at EXACTLY the right time.

Her intuitiveness broke through my fears and doubts and gave me the strength to soar high and shine my light proudly.
She is no doubt the most amazeballs reader that I have had the privilege of receiving guidance. Every day I re-read what she has given me and say YES! to all the amazing statements received. Beautifully gentle, fantastically accurate.

I have no hesitations at all in recommending Karina to anyone who needs answers.”

Nicole Suzanne Brown – Inspirational Motivator, Author, Vegan & life long friend of the Avocado

“Karina is an amazing channel. The messages she channels through her guides are bright and uplifting, even when she mediates less positive messages she does so with a softness and love that is amazing.

Karina is spot on in her messages and it feels genuin and real. Her guides are wonderful and you get that warm fuzzy feeling through Karina’s messages. Karina as a person matches her guides by also being a warm and light person whom you immediately trust.

I have shared Karina’s spirtual journey through the years with great interest and awe. She is an amazing messenger of light.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Karina for channelled messages and guidance!”

Pernilla Hjort, channel, healer and creative writer

“The reading Karina did for me really helped me get the clarity and confidence I needed to persevere on my chosen path. She is such a gifted and amazing woman and her channeled messages are so accurate and life changng. Thank you, Karina!”

Lutgart, Belgium

Natasha“Karina’s reading stopped me in my tracks. Within the first sentence she touched on something I’d only been thinking but had not given voice to and there was no way to know anything about it. It was magical to read the words and absorb the messages.

She emits such love that it makes sense that the spirits that surround her and share are also filled with love. The entire experience has changed my world for the better. My heart, my soul, my life is expanding in ways I had only

Karina is blessed with a truth and guidance that will help you to move along your path with a full heart and a more radiant soul. Thank you, Karina for sharing your gift with me and the world.”

Natasha – writer, artist
Creator of

“It has been a complete pleasure to meet Karina Ladet. We worked out an exchange for a reading without having to use money! It was a positive, energetic exchange before I ever asked my question.

Karina’s reading was gentle, loving and exactly what I needed to hear. Her ability to communicate with the angelic realms is incredibly helpful. The words that come through her are like a soft blanket that can be wrapped around
whatever wounded edges exist.

I appreciated her reading for me so much that I purchased a reading for my daughter as well. Again, the loving,
soothing energy came through like a glowing, healing light. I highly recommend Karina’s readings.

If you aren’t sure yet, sign up for her monthly newsletter and receive blessings from the angels until you are
ready for your own private reading.”

Loran Hills
Writer and photographer at

cara200“As a channeller myself it was a unique experience to be receiving a message rather than giving one. Having a reading
with Karina was an expanding and loving experience, plus the accuracy blew me away.

Karina’s reading included the exact words and phrases that I needed to hear in order for something deeply important to be confirmed for me. It’s no exaggeration to say that the confirmation I received during the reading was a life changing experience, it has led to me making significant changes in my life so that I am more on track with what I perceive to be my destiny.

Karina provides a loving and safe space, accessing information that deeply heals and supports in a very practical way. I highly recommend her as a channel and guide.

Thank you. I am very grateful that you offer your gifts in your work. Having a reading with Karina is an empowering and illuminating experience.”

Cara, channel and healer

IMG_3109-forweb“Karina’s reading was the first reading I’ve ever had.

It was honest, loving and true. I can’t find words for the feelings that the reading provoked in me. It was as if someone so familiar and so loving spoke through her, someone who really knows me. Her words were – ARE – important.

I find myself reading the words every now and then, and discovering more meaning to them every time. She is truly remarkable.

Karina – you have an incredible gift and I am so happy you’re sharing it!”


“Thank you so much for your beautiful reading today, shared with such love and warmth. The messages resonated deeply and allowed me to trust myself more in terms of what I already intuitively know.  Everything that was said made perfect sense and the answers to my questions bought, peace, hope and comfort as well as an inner knowing. I feel so calm and relaxed.

You have such a an amazing gift and I would encourage anyone who is in need of guidance and clarity to connect with you to experience it.”

Lisa Clark

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