Dearest soul sister,

As I come to the end of my epic Sacred Journey in Australia I am filled with gratitude. This journey has been such a wild roller coaster ride with many ups and downs but mostly it has been deeply magical. I have met and reconnected with some of my dearest old and new soul sisters here. But most of all I have come home.

I have reconnected with an ancient part of my soul that has been longing for this moment forever.

There is so much to share and I will as soon as I have allowed it all to sink in and integrate into every cell of my body. I am so grateful for this journey and every soul who has supported me to say yes to this.

I have been received with so much love and generosity and I wish to especially thank my beautiful friends Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, Belinda Pate-MacDonald, Priscilla Bradshaw and all of your sacred circles of soul sisters (Nina, Karin, Jenny…). My mind and heart have been blown wide open and I feel whole.

Here are some gorgeous photos of the sacred places I visited with Belinda and if you close your eyes you can open up and connect with the Ancestors and the powerful energy that radiates from these magical places. I am so grateful to Mama Earth for holding us and to the ancestors of these sacred places. I am so blessed to have been invited here and I am so honoured.

I can feel the deep call now to share what I am meant to share with you, my beautiful tribe, and to dive deeper into my truth and purpose. My whole being is radiating with love and light and I feel more aligned and connected than ever. I would love for you to share my next (virtual) journey with me on February 27 for a live call. 

Together we will reconnect with who we truly are and our purpose. Click here to sign up and join us. I can’t wait.

Sending you so much love and infinite support on your sacred journey,


PS: If you are an entrepreneur and live in Europe or wish to expand your European network, I’d love to meet you at the No Limits Event in Brussels, Belgium on March 24-26. It’s going to be so powerful and help you expand your impact and purpose.

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