Live Call: Remember Who You Are & Reconnect With Your Purpose

Live Call: Remember Who You Are & Reconnect With Your Purpose

You have a deep longing inside you. You KNOW that you are here to embrace and embody more of who you are but are unsure of how. Your unique light is expanding and needs more space to shine through. It is time to let go of your old identity and Remember Who You Are and Reconnect With Your Purpose.

I’d love to journey deeper with you. Let’s join hands and do this together.

Monday February 27 at 3 PM EST / 8 PM UK
Tuesday February 28 at 7 AM Sydney/9 AM NZ

Will you join me? 


During this call you will:

  • Release your old identity and patterns that no longer resonate.
  • Open up and remember who you truly are.
  • Reconnect with your purpose and why you are here.
  • RECEIVE so much power, healing and joy!


Click on the link below to join us and make sure you have downloaded and installed Zoom before the call (it’s easy and free!).

There are only 50 spaces so lock in yours now:


I’d love to meet many of you on the call and please share this with your tribe on social media, in your newsletters and on your blogs.

I can’t wait to create magic with you!


PS: You already KNOW. Re-member.

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