Hello sweetheart,

I hope you are having a good week and that Mercury retrograde hasn’t started playing tricks on you. This week has been pretty crazy for me with lots of stuff going on – mostly inner changes but some big outer changes too.

It’s always been quite difficult for me to set healthy boundaries around myself, both in my personal and my professional life, and for a long time I didn’t even know what they were. I found myself negotiating my boundaries in my head and this made it quite challenging to be clear both with myself and with others. As I keep strengthening my boundaries this has created quite a big shift inside me.

And as we all know big inner shifts can sometimes create big (and uncomfortable!) outer shifts too. Without going into too much details (I’ll save that for another post : ) some people in my life have been OK with my new and clear boundaries and some not so much. The clearer I feel the more OK I am about this.

I’ve realized that when I feel grounded and strong about who I am and what I do, what other people think about this doesn’t really matter. Of course I don’t want to hurt anyone but the more my own feelings matter to me, the less I worry about hurting others feelings by being true to myself.

Anyway, today I wanted to answer a question from a lovely woman I met in one of my favourite online forums.

How I started doing intuitive readings online

I learnt how to channel messages from my spirit guides over 13 years ago now and I started practicing my channeling skills on my family and friends right away. I also channelled for myself as often as possible. About 2 years later my husband and I moved from Paris to the south of France and I left my friends there and discovered the online world.

My first experience doing a reading for someone I didn’t know online started in a Swedish forum for expecting parents and I had no idea if it was even possible. At that time I didn’t know anything about online spiritual work or entrepreneurs but I decided to give it a try. After all, it’s energy work and we don’t have to be in the same physical space in order to connect.

I started out by doing one e-mail reading and went on to do hundreds of them over 6 months-1 year or so. Now offering free readings to random strangers was a pretty surreal experience and although it wasn’t always easy it was a great learning experience. I got the chance to read for so many different people and quickly noticed the difference between someone who was really open to psychic work and those who just wanted to give it a try for fun (or to test me).

I learnt so much about people and about myself as a reader and this was truly invaluable. Some of the lovely women I met in this forum are still in my tribe and that’s great! You know who you are ; ). The more experienced and confident I felt, the more my spirit guides urged me to start charging for my work. At first I completely ignored this advice and kept going but they kept insisting. In the end I started charging a small fee for my readings and my work has grown from there.

If you are a new intuitive reader I encourage you to practice as much as you can and when you feel ready, put up a small website or blog and start charging for your work. It’s ok to charge a small fee at first to get started and as your experience grows you can increase it. It doesn’t have to be a super fancy website and you don’t have to be a blogging pro.


Just start where you are right now and take one step at a time.


My first blog was a really simple free one on blogspot and I knew nothing about blogging when I started it. I always try to remember why I do this work and it keeps me on track and helps me stay motivated when I doubt myself or my place in this world.


Listen to your own intuition and trust the messages you receive. You are always being guided and you are always supported by the Universe.

If you need more support I offer intuitive coaching for lovely souls like you. And if you wish to tap into the wisdom that your spirit guides offer, get your Spirit Guide Kit here and join us for the FREE live call tomorrow Friday October 3 at 11 pm CET/5 pm New York/7 am (on Saturday) Sydney. 

I wish you a gorgeous day!








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