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My London Adventure & How to Embrace Your Future You

Hello beautiful soul!

What a week! Can you feel that energy? As we are coming out on the other side of this intense eclipse season and full moon I am taking the time to stop and release any emotions, patterns and agreements that I’m still holding on to. How are you feeling? During times like these I encourage you to be kind and gentle with yourself and the people around you. Take breaks to breathe and surrender to what is.

The moments when we are holding on the most are exactly when we need to let go.

What can you let go of today? What do you need to feel light, free and in the flow? Give yourself that. As you may know I’ve been exploring my deepest desires lately and one of them was to take a break from work and go on a solo adventure to London. I wrote more about how it happened here. I am now back in my village in France and I am filled with so much joy and gratitude. My adventure was amazing! It was everything I hoped for – and then some.

My dream was to have the time to walk around in a big city I love, watch people from all over the world and meet some very special friends that I haven’t met IRL before. I’ve loved travelling since I was a little girl and still remember those crazy long but so exciting 3 day long train rides from Sweden to Romania to visit my grand parents as a child. The different smells, sounds and being immersed in another culture.

I remember what it feels like to be different from every one else yet that deep connection that made us all feel like one. Travelling is getting the chance to jump out of our own square box filled with what life (and we!) should be like into the unknown. I love feeling the fear of the unfamiliar and the excitement of being so free and alive.

Travelling makes me feel ALIVE.

In the Train

I love Train

I savoured every single moment of this trip. From the first car ride very early in the morning last Thursday until I returned to France 4 days later. Pure bliss. I prepared by being super present and clearing my energy several times a day. Big cities can be so full on and there is a lot of energy swirling around in such crowded places. I did this when I was riding the tube (subway ;) ), in the cafés and as I walked down the busy streets. This helped me stay present and not check out because of overwhelm and it also helped me really enjoy every moment.

Whenever I had a bit more time I showered myself with love and felt the love radiate out to all the people and places around me. This was actually quite magical and I felt so connected to all other humans walking this earthly path too.

Every day I tuned in to what I really longed for and did that. This meant spending hours sitting on the floor touching and looking through books at a huge bookstore and having a vanilla latte at a lovely café while reading inspiring books by amazing authors. Heaven.

I also connected with my spirit team and asked them to guide me to the perfect people, places and situations. I do this at home too but not every day. This made a huge difference and I’m even more dedicated to my spiritual practice and shining my own light.

Train Meditation

Train Meditation

E. Gilbert's Big Magic

E. Gilbert’s Big Magic


Every day I choose to show up fully. Present. Grounded. Loving. Kind.

I am so grateful for the insights and awakening that is taking place inside me. So grateful that I trusted myself on this one. I could have just brushed it off and let one of the (many!) reasons why this wasn’t the right time/thing/whatever override my desire. That’s the thing about desire though. It starts as a small spark of longing somewhere in our bodies. We can then either choose to ignore it and it will become more and more diffuse or we can allow it to expand. It will then grow stronger and stronger until we can’t resist the call anymore. This is magic. To feel that wave of deep desire, say yes and embrace it.

I live for these moments and cherish them forever.

Another brilliant part of this journey was to meet so many amazing women (and one crazy cute baby boy, think chubby cheeks and giggles). I didn’t plan anything for this trip but ended up seeing so many of my online soul sisters and a group of women I didn’t know but connected with through Leonie Dawson’s Shining Academy.

I’ve got great friends here in France but most of them are not active in my online groups and although they are very supportive of my work they can’t really help me when I hit an upper limit or money block. Surrounding ourselves with the right support is so important both in life but also in our businesses. So you can probably imagine how amazing it was to spend a whole afternoon eating yummy food and chatting with other women from the Academy and having hours to drink coffee and connect with my dear friends and soul sisters. What a blessing!

Soul Sisters in London

Soul Sisters in London

Soul Sisters UK

All these women inspire me so much and I love how generous, wise and hilarious they are. I also had the chance to spend time with my best friend from school. Her name is Sara and we’ve known each other since we were 7 years old. She’s such a special soul and she feels like my sister. Talking with her is like going back in time and it’s so lovely to share old stories and be reminded of things I had forgotten. I’ve got a very small family of origin and they all live abroad so most of my friends here are “new” friends. Over the years I’ve connected with a large group of soul sisters and brothers so I feel very supported and loved but it was lovely to chat with someone who has known me almost all of my life.

Sara is also one of the most supportive and encouraging people I know and when I shared my next business evolution and my new packages and prices (gasp!) with her she looked like it was the most natural thing in the world and no big deal. How amazing was that! Exactly what I needed.

When you have a dream and want to embody it fully, surround yourself with the qualities you need to grow into this dream.

If you want to feel free to expand your life or your business do something that makes you feel free and expansive now.

Go on an adventure. Spend time with people who get you and are living and breathing what you dream of experiencing. Go where that energy is and embrace it.

Now that I am back home I can feel the tug of daily life and my to do list but inside my heart I can also feel the energy of my dream. Every day I commit to living my life on purpose. I choose to embody the qualities I long for and every moment I fill myself up with the energy of being free, wild and alive. It’s a moment to moment choice and if something is calling you to step up and expand – do it. In a way that honours your and your life but do it. It’s always worth it.

We never regret saying yes to our deepest desires.

Next Monday I am so, so ready to guide and support an amazing group of soul sisters through my program Clear Your Path & Shine. This is the blueprint for how I live my life and do my work with ease and flow. We’ll be doing a lot of releasing, clearing and stepping into our future selves. When you have cleared out all the old stories and energy holding you back you will find the clarity you need to make the next step. Of course there will be challenges along the way but you don’t have to get stuck in them for a long time because I  will be there to support you every step of the way.

In the coming weeks I’ll be making some big and bold changes to my offerings so this is a great opportunity to receive 1 on 1 coaching from me at such a good price.

The doors close in only 5 days so sign up here.

yes please

There are payment plans available if you need it and if you wish to meet me for tea and a chat (+ a mini reading) I offer free 30 min Discovery Sessions this week.

Trust your own voice.

Take the time to tune in to your soul and ask yourself if this is what you need.

Act on the guidance you receive.

You always know what is right for you.

Trust yourself.

Beaming you so much love,


PS: If you feel called to join Leonie Dawson and her amazing tribe (including me :) ), today is the last day to benefit from her monthly payment plan. Find out more and sign up here (affiliate link).










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