Hello brave soul sister,

It’s been a pretty full on week in my life and I’m guessing it has been for you too. Lots of planetary and energetic movement and I keep reminding myself to take the time to stop and integrate all that is happening. Sometimes everything looks calm and even stuck on the surface but there is a lot happening underneath. So if you are feeling overwhelmed and uncertain right now, I invite you to take a break and give yourself some rest and warm hugs.

As some of you know I connected in with my deepest desire yesterday and after weeks of trying to avoid that inner voice, speaking to me so softly, I finally listened. What came up for me was: TRAVEL.

Right now my soul is craving new places, new faces and to be in a new country.

I’ve been feeling the call to go to London but I couldn’t find any “good” reasons to do it.

My mind reminded me of all the resons why this was not a good idea and some of them (not all ;) ) were: not the right time, not a reasonable way to spend my money, I have work to do… You know how it goes.

I stopped my mind for a moment and connected in with my heart and imagined what it would FEEL like to be in London. As I started to visualize getting off the plane, sitting at a café and sinking into a comfy armchair at a bookstore I could feel my heart expanding and I started to smile. Yes. This is why I had to go.

So I talked to my husband, got in touch with my amazing childhood friend Sara and booked my tickets. The moment I made the decision everything started to flow.  I had a bunch of creative ideas for topics to write on, a wonderful group of new and old clients got in touch and I felt so much joy and expansion in areas that previously felt stuck.

Tonight I’m celebrating that I’m going to London next week! I’ll be there from Thursday September 24 until Monday September 28 and I’ll even be able to join a group of my Shining Academy sisters for a meetup. If you aren’t a member of Leonie Dawson’s amazing online sanctuary + biz hub + mastermind yet, sign up before end of September and get the super affordable payment plan.  Read all about it and join us HERE. (Yes, I’m a super proud + grateful affiliate :).

This morning I was SO inspired to share this message about desire, getting back into the flow and how to take that next big (or small) step in your business or life. Enjoy it and please leave a comment to share where you are right now and what your next step is.

Have a glorious, magical day and I hope to see you in London!

Lots of love and gratitude,


PS: You are amazing.


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