Let go

Hello lovely soul,

How are you today? No, really. When I ask this question I truly wish to know how you are. It’s not just a polite thing I say but a true desire to connect with you and to know how you are feeling and what you are experiencing right now.

I’ve spent the last couple of months immersed both in work (doing readings, coaching sessions, relaunching my Spirit Guide Kit and lots of writing) and in different programs. I love learning new skills and although I’ve really enjoyed both B-school and Become Your Own Business Adviser I realized last week that I have taken on way too much.

I’m getting better at managing my energy but doing too much is something that still happens to me regularly. And although working and studying seemed like a great combination I realized that I never actually planned for any down time. As in no time to just sit around and read silly magazines or chat with girlfriends. I completely bought the image of the professional business owner who spends every waking hour creating or improving different business projects.

This obviously didn’t work.

At one point I just got sick and all I could do was lie in bed and breathe. That’s when it hit me that I was in that place once again. It’s such an annoying thing to realize but hey, I’m just human like everybody else. So I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want to work from now on and after dropping a bunch of things on my to do list I started listening to what I actually wanted to do every day. I can tell you that this feels very different from how I used to work. And I seem to get quite a lot of things done. The great news is that I feel so happy and content with what I do get done instead of beating myself up for everything I didn’t do. Does that sound familiar ?

Anyway, yesterday I really enjoyed creating a short video for you where I share what I do when I get caught up in doing, doing, doing. I hope you enjoy it and please share it with any friends who need to hear this today.

I wish you a gorgeous and peaceful day today ! Remember that you have a choice what you do with your life and how you live it. So ask yourself what you really want to do and go off and do that.

Beaming you so much love,






PS: I’ve received AMAZING feedback on my Spirit Guide Kit so if you are feeling drawn to it but don’t know if it’s right for you – check out this page and send me any questions you have to [email protected] My deepest wish is that you find the tools/techniques/support that YOU need so you can open up to the incredible support our Spirit Guides are here to offer us. Trust your own instinct and intuition on this one! You know exactly what you need, sweetheart.

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