Hello beautiful soul friend,

How are you, my love? Have you set some intentions during the New Moon? It’s never too late and I invite you to go back to them and write down a couple of things you can do TODAY to move towards them. Let’s do it together! 

Today I am reaching out to my support team (both my mastermind of soul sisters and my invisible team of beings) to ask for their help. I am clearing my energy and calling in my dreams. If you are feeling wobbly or if it feels like the wall in front of you is too big and scary, I invite you to clear your energy and reconnect with what you are calling in.

Breathe out the old patterns and stuck emotions. Let them go. And when you feel clear and calm again, reconnect with your dream. Feel it in every cell of your body. Open up your heart to receive it.

In my new program Embrace Your Purpose I will share all the powerful energy techniques I use to call in my big dreams. And I + the loving group of soul sisters will be by your side when you start to doubt yourself. We all have those moments. The difference between people who reach their dreams and the ones who don’t is that the powerful manifesters keep showing up and they do the inner and outer work until their dreams become reality.

Today I invite you to go full circle and take inspired action to allow yourself to manifest what your heart desires.

You are such a powerful, conscious creator.

Direct the powerful energies that move through you into your dreams. Watch them unfold and breathe in the miracles.

You are ready, my love! Let’s join hands and take one step at a time. Together.

I hope you enjoy this video and that it inspires you to take action today.

If this video was helpful, please share it with your tribe and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more goodness.

I wish you a magical day and hope to connect with you again!

So much love,






PS: Wanna join me for a powerful Full Moon ceremony from the comfort of your home? We will meet on Thursday August 18 at 6 AM New York/11 AM UK/Noon CET/8 PM Sydney/10 PM New Zealand AND on Thursday August 18 at Noon Los Angeles/3 PM New York/8 PM UK/9 PM CET/Friday August 19 at 7 AM New Zealand. Sign up to my Love Letter list here to receive the sign up info for the live calls first. 


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