Hello Beautiful You!

I’m having a pretty intense time and after consulting my favourite astrology sites it seems clear that I’m not the only one. How are you doing? As life seems to speed up once again I am dealing with lots of emotions and interesting relationship dynamics. Although this can be tricky to navigate and I often wish I could just pretend as if nothing is going on I am really enjoying very open and honest conversations with friends and family.

When a challenging situation is coming up this is always a great opportunity to learn and grow. I’ve also had some amazing client sessions lately and one of my lovely clients asked me how she can know whether it’s her intuition speaking to her (and maybe warning her about something) or if it’s just fear. What a great question! So today I’m sharing my answers around this in a short video (under 5 min!).

I would love to know how you can tell the difference so please share in the comments below!

I also wanted to remind you that I’ll be re-launching my Spirit Guide Kit on April 29 so save the date. I’ll be doing a couple of giveaways so you don’t want to miss out. If you’re not on my mailing list now is the time to join cause my tribe are the first to see the Kit before it’s officially out. I’m having so much fun reading about what people have to say about the Kit and my friend and colleague Ruby sent me this yesterday:

“Karina’s Spirit Guide Kit is infused with her years of experience in connecting with and channeling spirit guides. Her beautifully designed kit will guide you in developing a strong foundation to work from. She brings a refreshing, straightforward and practical approach to building and strengthening your connection with spirit. Whether you are an old pro or a total newbie, you will find her kit full of useful tips and guidance that will improve your practice. The combination of her grounded, earthy presence in the instructional videos and her divinely inspired guided meditations will have you connecting with your personal guides with ease and confidence. Working with Karina’s Spirit Guide Kit has been a true gift (the guided meditations are so amazing and lovely!) and has enhanced my personal connection with my guides.”

Ruby Toad, teacher, energy healer and empowerment coach at Ruby Toad SoulfulEnergies

I wish you an amazing Easter weekend and can’t wait to see you next week!

With so much love,






PS: If you are longing for the clarity and focus (+ tons of love, healing and intuitive guidance) that my Intuitive Readings and Coaching offer now is the time to get in touch to book your spot. I’ll be raising my prices in only 12 days so don’t miss out. You can order it now and schedule it anytime this year.


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