Hello Beautiful Goddess Sister!

Wow, what a year! I am sitting here in my cosy living room and the fire is burning in the fire place. In between spending time with family and eating way too much chocolate I’ve been slowly looking back at this big year. When I look back at who I was and what I wished for myself and my life & business in January this year I am in complete awe of how much has happened.

There is so much I could write about but if i have to choose the most important mile stones here they are:

  • I went to the other side of the world – to Australia – with my amazing husband & kids AND I offered two Spirit Guide Connection Retreats AND I met Leonie Dawson (this trip alone made my year! thank you, Universe, I love you too!)
  • I invested in a brand new website and I love it!
  • I joined Hiro Boga and a brave bunch of women & men in Become Your Own Business Adviser from April-June. Changed. My. Life. (I’m doing it again in a couple of months – join us!)
  • A couple of weeks ago I got my own office space!! It’s tiny and in a corner of our living room but it’s MINE and I can put up my dear crystals, candles, plants and gorgeous images. (my favourite art work right now is by Lori Portka and Adam Scott Miller)
  • I made my big (for me ; ) yearly income goal (and even passed it!). This seemed impossible at the beginning of the year but I made a wish and let the Universe guide me.
  • I finally met my awesome soul sister Jackie Stewart for a MAGICAL weekend in Wales. So gorgeous.

This year was a huge year for me both personally and professionally. Making my big vision a reality has changed something deeply inside me and I feel like I will never be the same again. My world has expanded and I am reaping the benefits from this in so many ways. My business is growing and I have expanded the work I do to include Intuitive Coaching (I love it and realize that this is what I have been doing for a very long time) and this year I offered 5 Spirit Guide Connection Retreats here in France, in Sweden & in Australia.

In order to grow and find a way to embody my biggest visions I had to ask for (and fully receive) a lot of support. It’s hard to express with words just how blessed I feel for all the support I’ve been given this year. Hiro Boga and her program + virtual retreat have been incredibly helpful and deeply transformative and my dear friend Jackie Stewart poured all her medicine woman meets flower essence fairy energy into me so I could clearly see my path and proudly walk it.  I have also been cheered on and received so many warm virtual & IRL hugs by my soul sisters here in France, my amazing online sisters and people I have never met or connected with before. For this I am deeply grateful. And if my story can inspire YOU to make an important change, shift or to make that wish happen then I have done the work I am here to do.

2013 prepared me for my Soul’s Mission in a big way. This year was all about showing me just how magical and amazing life can be and at the same time it has also been a very challenging year. All my old and new fears have come up and I have had to look at each and every one of them and move through them in order to heal and become a clearer channel of light. I am preparing for more and bigger assignments and that feels SO RIGHT. Anything is possible. I know this. And I am ready.

As I look back and celebrate this year and let go of everything I want to truly leave behind me I get a glimpse of the Big, Beautiful Year that is ahead. 2014 will be an AMAZING year and I can’t wait to embrace it fully.

For the 3rd year in a row I am diving into Leonie Dawson’s gorgeous workbooks and planners (if you don’t have yours yet, grab a copy now – they’re only 9.95$ and SO great!) and I’m filling them with beautiful dreams – both big and small. My BIG dreams for the coming year are:

  • Write a book!
  • Offer more workshops! Sweden, Belgium, France and maybe Canada
  • Re-brand my beautiful Spirit Guide Kits (they are so powerful and I want each page, word and image to ooze even more magic)
  • Help YOU Shine Your Light In 2014. Because YOU are an amazing soul, a powerful lightworker & you and your gifts are SO important to me. Let’s SHINE together!
  • Speak at a live or online event somewhere in the world
  • Attend an inspiring & deeply soulful workshop/retreat
  • Be more present with my gorgeous husband and children. More cuddles, more adventures & more travelling together!
  • Finally meet my soul sisters (twins ; ) Cara Wilde and Jackie Stewart IRL! Yay!
  • Play more, rest more, read more books and get massages so often I get sick of them : D

How about you, beautiful? What are you leaving behind you from the past year and what are you ready to step into? I would love to hear what YOUR dreams are for the new year.

Tonight I’ll be spending the evening chatting and laughing with dear friends and when the time feels right I will take a moment to let go of what I don’t need anymore so I can fully embrace this Big and Beautiful New Year. I am ready. And so are YOU.

EnJOY your last day of this year and I look forward to meeting you on the other side.

With so much love and gratitude,









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