I bet you can feel the intense, fiery energy that is bursting all around us and inside. I’m usually quite balanced and don’t often get carried away by my emotions but the last couple of weeks. Wow! Thank goodness I have kind and understanding friends and a partner who can take a step back when I get all fired up.

So, if you are feeling a mix of anger, fear, old stuff and patterns coming up – and an inner tornado shaking up everything you thought was solid – you are definitely not alone. When time speeds up and everything around us intensifies I have a few practices that I always come back to. They are great for anchoring me and bringing me back inside, to my core. This is how I reconnect with that inner place that isn’t affected by my emotions or outer turmoil. I’m sure you know what I mean : ).

Here we go:

  1. Go back to basics. If you love running, go for a run and if you love reading romance novels – go for it. Now is a time for coming back to what you know supports you and helps you feel good.
  2. Spend time outside. Nature is an amazing healer and nothing puts life back into perspective quicker than when we embrace the vastness of the ocean, a vibrant forest or tall and majestic mountains. Take off your feet and feel that powerful and grounding energy of Mother Earth. It’s like coming home – to you.
  3. Be present. Sure, that’s easy to say when your inner world feels like chaos but take the easy way in. Start by taking deep breaths with your belly. Notice your thoughts but don’t engage with them. Let them float off and keep coming back to your breath. Breathe in. Breathe out.
  4. Ask for support and open up to receiving it. Listen to your body and your heart. What do you need right now? There are amazing ways to receive help and support. How about a soothing massage that helps you release all the tension in your body? Or EFT, flower essences, acupuncture, kinesiology? Stop and ask yourself what you need.
  5. Remember that this too shall pass. When we are in the middle of a challenging time it sometimes feels like it’s going to last forever. Especially if it’s been going on for a long time. Remember that this is a phase in your life and it will transform and shift into something else. You are just like a butterfly.

I hope these tips help you and that you go ahead and try one of them right now. They’re not super original and you have most likely read about them before. But the only way to make them work is to actually do them. As soon as I have finished publishing this post I will switch off my computer and spend the rest of the afternoon reading and playing with my son. It’s another way to be really present and completely in the moment. And after a lovely chat with my friend Ruby Toad I will go to bed super early and sleep in tomorrow morning.

If you need support from me I would love to meet you for an intuitive reading or coaching session. I’ll be raising my prices in only 8 days so now is a great time to book. I’ve been lovingly guiding people like you for over 13 years now and it brings me so much joy and gratitude to walk this path with you. Seeing you take that deep exhale, drop down your tight shoulders and open up to receiving the abundance of love and intuitive guidance that is always available to you is pure magic.


I believe in you.

I know deep in my heart that you are a magnificent and powerful human being.

You deserve a life filled with love, freedom and joy.

We all do.


So if you need support in remembering this and embracing who you truly are I am here for you. Meeting you from heart to heart, from soul to soul.

I wish you a light and playful week, beautiful!

With so much love and gratitude,






PS: Only 7 more days before I relaunch my brand new Spirit Guide Kit. Woo hoow! I’m SO excited and can’t wait to share this baby with YOU.

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