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Hello lovely friends,

If you haven’t read the first part of my Australian journey you can find it here. I’m not surprised that my stay in Kuranda will take up an entire post! Where do I start? Kuranda came to me in a vision two years ago and since then I have felt the pull of this magical place. At first I didn’t even know where in the world it was but little by little the clues added up and I found it.

The profound work I did both with the lovely Hiro Boga in BYOBA and with my dear friend Jackie Stewart and her Soul Alchemy Sessions helped me go deeper into this connection with Kuranda. I kept receiving messages that a part of me was longing to go home. I have lived there in past lives and I was being called home. This inner knowing was so strong and it carried me through all the obstacles (emotional, mental and physical) that surfaced until I finally arrived there.

On October 30th I left my family and this was really sad as I knew that the next time I would see them would be at the airport in Sydney the day we were going back to France. I felt an exquisite mix of sadness, longing and an inner knowing that we would all live these last 6 days fully. Our last week had arrived and it was time for me to go North on my own.

As soon as I got on that bus I felt so free, so excited and I was going to enJOY this last week as much as I possibly could. Let the adventure begin!

When I arrived in Brisbane I got the lovely opportunity to have dinner and catch up with my amazing friend Shirley and her sweet friend Marie. We laughed, talked and I loved that Shirley had taken everything she had received during the retreat in Brisbane to re-light her own fire. I love watching others grow and shine their light. It is what we are all here to do!

Later that night I got on the plane to Cairns and spent the night in a dodgy hostel. I love a great adventure and to spend the night in a place with 20-year-olds was such a blast from the past. It reminded me why I love travelling so much. I LOVE not knowing what the next day will be like and how this creates space for life to unfold magically. Since I had my children I haven’t travelled like this and I didn’t know when it would happen again so wow, did I ever enJOY this trip to the fullest!

As I travelled up the mountain to Kuranda I still didn’t know where I was going to spend the night but I felt confident that it would all work out beautifully. At first sight Kuranda looks like any tourist trap : ). Buses filled with tourists arrive, there are lots of souvenir shops and at 3 pm most of the shops close and the buses leave. However, as the bus drove closer to Kuranda I could feel the energy of this place. That mountain holds so much power and wisdom.

My first date was with the awesome Candice Aitken at the Sweet Leaf Café. Finally, after 3 weeks in Oz I had my very first fresh, organic smoothie and vegan meal. It was gorgeous and Candice and I talked as if we had known each other forever. She and her husband are such brave and inspiring free spirits and they sure have embraced making their own rules.

When Candice left I still didn’t know where I was spending the night but the lovely Mariel at Pachamama House had told me to stop by so I started walking in what I thought was the right direction. Luckily for me Kuranda is pretty small and I loved looking at the rainforest and just soaking up the fact that I was finally here.

As I arrived at Pachamama House I felt so much gratitude for having arrived at my destination. The beautiful Mariel greeted me with the biggest hug and she told me my timing was perfect. After that we spent hours talking, laughing, hugging and eating AMAZING food. Mariel and I had only met briefly on Facebok before I arrived but she turned out to be an angel in disguise. She told me I could stay there until the end of the retreat and in spite of her busy schedule she spent the next couple of days showing me around in Kuranda, taking photos of the amazing people I met and she prepared gorgeous food for everyone during the retreat. Imagine beautiful organic salads, ripe mango and fresh corn cobs. Yeah, Mariel pretty much saved me : ). Cooking isn’t one of my super powers and I could spend as much time as I needed connecting with the place and with the beautiful and very intense energy around.

KarinaLeonieSo how about Leonie? As many of you know the awesome Leonie has been so sick for the last 5 months and we kept texting each other (how cool is that?!) to find a good time to meet before my retreat. We only had two days when it was possible but I left this one to the Universe. I already felt SO blessed to be there and to meet so many incredible people that meeting Leonie was just a super awesome bonus if it was possible.

As Mariel and I were driving down to the gorgeous Barron Falls Leonie called and said I’m coming to meet you there. When I stood there next to the huge waterfalls and soaked up the dense energy of the rainforest I got a glimpse of her. That was one of those moments when time seemed to freeze and I just breathed in the magic of this moment. When Leonie and her lovely daughter Ostara walked down the trail wearing rainbow colored hats I couldn’t help but smile.

We hugged and had such a wonderful time laughing and talking like old friends. And yes, she is just as hilarious and sweet in real life! We spent the most amazing time talking about our families, businesses and common friends and Ostara was such a sweetheart. I don’t often get a chance to meet online friends IRL but in Australia I got the chance to do this quite a lot and all of them felt SO authentic and the connection was so natural.

Meeting Leonie was such a beautiful gift and in that moment it felt like I had come full circle. In that moment my vision became reality. In my heart it always felt like if I would ever go to Australia I would meet Leonie. Hrm, this was before I actually realized how far away she lives + she is now an über famous online celebrity ; ).

After a heartfelt last hug (for this time ; ) we all left and Mariel and I headed off to Donna Raymonds house. Donna and I had briefly connected online and she is one of the most intense and wise young women I’ve ever met. Hello fellow Scorpio ; ). Before arriving in Kuranda I had hoped to meet a couple of people and without planning anything or knowing who actually knew who I got to meet them all. I told you Kuranda was a magical place : ).IMGP8821

At Donna’s house I met both her husband Adam (an amazing visionary artist – I love visionary art!) and the powerhouse and fellow Scorpio Paula Brindley . I loved spending the afternoon talking for hours with people who don’t do any small talk. We talked about spiritual awakening, dreaming, soul alignment, purpose, natural and conscious living. All my favorite topics and so much depth. Being a Scorpio I’m not very good at talking about superficial stuff. I love the deep, intense and mind-blowing stuff! At one time there were 4 Scorpio women in the room and that has never happened to me before.

Oh, and sweet Paula offered me the most beautiful dream catcher! I love it so much and every time I look at it I can feel the connection with Kuranda. I felt like home and there was something very familiar about everyone I met. When I talked to these incredible people it reminded me that before going to Australia one of the fears that came up for me was that I didn’t want to shine too much or take up too much space as it could offend or make other people feel small. This was an old pattern from my childhood where I always felt like I was too much for others (too happy, smiled too much, read too much…). I grew up in a small town where most of my friends wanted to work at the paper factory or be stay at home moms and my dreams of travelling the world and studying at university didn’t quite fit the norm.

Being around Donna, Adam and Paula were an awesome reminder that there is no such thing as too much light or too big of a presence. We are beautiful, divine beings and we are powerful beyond measure. This is who we are. I could feel how I was fully present around them and this is something I wish to keep doing. I am not meant to shrink or hold back in order to reassure others and neither are you.

When the retreat started that week2013-11-01 10.50.32end I felt so strong, clear and the place was filling me up with beautiful energy. I loved every minute of the weekend and I am so blessed to be doing this work. Every person who attended touched my heart and the energy we created together was so clear and loving. Each soul unfolded as it was meant to in that moment and I loved watching them release, open up and shine brighter. We cried, laughed and shared so much and I thank them all for joining me. I’m also so grateful for the support from Sjoerd and Melissa Aardema in making this possible.

The retreat took place during a very powerful solar eclipse and as I drummed and walked back from the forest and back into the house I felt a deep sense of closure. I could feel a portal of light opening and I received so much energy and something I cannot find the words to describe. All I can say is that I am profoundly grateful for this journey. In that moment my heart was full. I felt complete and in the perfect place at the perfect time. At peace and flowing with energy and deep connection.

Thank you so much to each and every one of you. Your kind words and encouragements have carried me through this journey. I have faced so many fears, doubts, emotions and now that I am on the other side I can say that it was worth every tear, every challenge.

This is not only my journey. It is also yours. Thank you for journeying with me. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Now I am back in my old life and I’m finding new ways of being. I’m taking better care of myself and my body is craving yoga and dance so this is what I give it. If you have a Big Dream I encourage you to embrace it. Do what you need to reach it and know that everything is possible. Having said that I also invite you to fully embrace who you are and know that you don’t have to have big dreams. Small steps every day are just as important as Big Leaps.

We are all unique and perfect beings. Honor who you are. Honor and respect your needs, your wishes and Your Way.

With deep love and gratitude to you my fellow traveller,




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