IMG_0072 Hello Lovely You,

I have missed you! I got back from Australia two weeks ago and it’s taking me quite some time to ease back into my old life. This trip changed my life and I feel like I have expanded so much inside that I need to find my way back into a new, different version of me. As I write these words it’s two hours before midnight and tomorrow I will turn 40. That feels pretty huge. And at the same time it’s just a number. I am what I am no matter what my age is : ).

So, how do I put this amazing experience into words? I’ll start off with how loooong the journey was from France to Australia. It felt like forever and when we arrived in Sydney I felt pretty lost. It felt familiar and yet very different. We were SO blessed to be greeted by the sweetest Mike in the world, my friend Pernilla’s relative and we spent our first 4 days in his house with his family. They were SO sweet, generous and hilarious and even warned us about “drop bears”. Yeah, apparently Aussies love freaking us foreigners out by telling stories of scary animals. Some exist and some don’t. So I guess that was our first initiation ; ).

One week before my Brisbane retreat started we headed off to Wooli (on the coast about a 2 hour drive south of Byron Bay) where we stayed almost the whole time. It took us 12 hours to drive and although that is a short ride in a country as big as Australia it felt pretty huge to us. Oh, and I discovered that not all Aussies drink green juice and eat raw food. In fact I didn’t see one single green juice anywhere. I did see lots of people with tatoos – lots of them! – flip flops, bare feet and everyone seemed so relaxed. Getting used to a new country and figuring out all the practical stuff took us some time and it wasn’t all smooth sailing. My husband and I had to be really honest with each other and the first week was really challenging. Our kids were AMAZING and didn’t freak out one single time. They were so happy to be on an adventure and enjoyed every moment of our trip. Of course being outside all day, having fun playing at a gorgeous beach and seeing exotic animals everywhere helped ; ).

As my first retreat got closer I started to tune into the energy of it. My awesome and super intuitive husband nudged me to create a stone spiral on the beach so that’s what we did. For hours we picked colourful stones and created a beautiful spiral. When it was ready we all walked inside it and connected with it in our own way. Then I played my drum and felt the connection between the spiral, the sound and the Big Beautiful Ocean. I’ve always loved water but the ocean there was SO amazing. It kept pulling me in and I felt so free and powerful whenever I connected with it. This connection I carry with me wherever I go.

When it was time for me to head to Brisbane I hopped on a bus (for 6 hours! just down the road ; ) and spent a long time dreaming, preparing and connecting with the group of women I was to meet. The wonderful and incredibly generous Shirley greeted me with a big hug and we connected instantly. I then got to meet and hug the girls who joined us and we spent the next 48 hours together. The retreat was lovely and we spent hours meditating outside in Shirley’s enchanted garden as birds and butterflies flew by us. They all opened their hearts to their spirit guides and all the inner guidance that was there for them. The rain poured down when we arrived and the next day the sun was out and it didn’t rain again until we finished the last meditation on Sunday afternoon. It was magical!

The whole weekend felt like a week long practice in meditation and intuition and we also had such a great time laughing, eating amazing food and sharing our lives with each other. I love when we are reminded just how connected we are. To each other and to this earth.

Thank you Beautiful Ladies for this glorious weekend and I know we will meet again!

As I slowly left Brisbane I had the time to really take in how surreal it was to finally be in a city I had only seen on Facebook. It was such a beautiful reminder how quickly a thought/wish/dream can become reality. Once again I was filled with gratitude for this life and this path I am on.


I loved meeting up with my little family again and after getting high on the good stuff ; ) it felt great to be back in Wooli. The next couple of weeks were pure bliss. I spent time reading, playing in the sand, visiting Crystal Castle, drumming and just being present. I learnt so much about how I want to live my life. Although I spend a lot of time at home and don’t live a very stressful life I still do a lot of things at the same time. I noticed just how different it was to be fully present both with myself and with others. This is something I’m bringing back with me. There is a time for each activitiy and there is no point trying to do it all at once. And because there was no internet connection in Wooli I could only check my e-mail and other social media when we went to the city so I ended up being very efficient when I had to work. I would love to keep doing this now that I’m home instead of getting sucked into Facebook land.

Lots of great moments of clarity and inspiration. And I was aching to write again. My next dream is to write a  book and when I was away I started to feel that creative flow inside me. I can’t wait to get started and I know the words will start pouring out as soon as I do. What a great feeling!

After having spent 3 weeks in Oz already it was time for our final week. We had a change of plans and instead of travelling up north with my family I chose to go up by myself while my husband drove back to Sydney with the kids. This felt like the best decision for all of us but wow was it sad to leave Wooli, the cottage, the beach (so amazing!), the pelicans (yep, love them : ) and my family knowing that the next time we would meet we’d be at the airport ready to go home.



I embraced the feelings of sadness and as soon as we had hugged and I was on the bus back to Brisbane I felt a big surge of excitement. I remembered how much I LOVE travelling and adventure. Now I was going on my very own adventure and I was free to do it my way. I spent each moment enoying this last week and will never forget it.

This is turning into a HUGE post so I’ll save the trip to Kuranda, meeting the amazing Leonie Dawson and having a retreat at Pachamama House for the next part here.

Thank you all for your incredible support. I could feel it throughout this journey and it helped me have faith that everything was unfolding as it was meant to. This truly feels like it was OUR journey and I hope you can feel that it is also part of YOU.

With all my love,








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