Hello sweet soul,

Happy September! Although I feel a little sad to say goodbye to summer this is one of my favourite months of the year. September feels like new beginnings and a promise of long walks in the sunshine as the trees change colour and the area where I live becomes more quiet and slow as the last tourists leave.

Yesterday my children went back to school and I had a whole day, creating and working on my business. I’ve been thinking a lot about creativity and how to work in a more sustainable way. I’ve got some pretty great habits already but I’m always tweaking and trying new ways. Also, I was inspired by the amazing Jo Gifford who recently shared a post about Miracle Mornings.

How do you set up your day in order to feel creative, on purpose and happy?

Here are some of my favourite ways to work well and enjoy my day:

  • Start your day with purpose. How you start your day affects how it unfolds so take some time out for yourself (even if it’s only a few minutes), check in with your body, set an intention and fill your heart with love.
  • Clear your energy and recharge it with love, joy and soulful presence. If you start your day by giving yourself a mini healing session not only will you feel great (vibrant, happy, present) but you will also move through your day with so much more ease and flow.
  • Embrace your fears. You are doing big work in this world and sometimes this will bring up your fears. Instead of trying to think them away or deal with them “later”, take a moment right now. Speak with them. Ask them what they need. And embrace them because they are a part of you. When you step up and do work that’s really important to you, the parts of you that aren’t ready for this will speak up. When you take the time to listen to them they will feel safe and support you.
  • Stay focused. Choose your most important tasks and do those. Your to do list can go on forever but make sure you spend your time doing the things that truly matter.
  • Take breaks before you break down. Set small goals during your day and when you’ve reached one, take a break. Great ways to get out of your head and into your body and soul again are spending time in nature, going for a walk, yoga, meditation, dance and anything you enjoy that gets you moving in some way.
  • Remember your why. It’s so easy to get caugt up in doing more and getting things done that we sometimes loose sight of why we are doing this in the first place. Remind yourself why you are doing this work and makes decisions based on this. Some of the reasons why I choose to work from home is to feel free, be able to honour my own rhythms and spend more time with my family. When I remember this, making decisions becomes easy.
  • Have fun. One of the perks being your own boss is that you get to choose how you spend your day. If you are feeling tired and grumpy take a nap or go for tea with a friend. Remember that you are free to choose how you spend your day. Sometimes only 10 min of wild dancing in your living room can change your mood for the day!

So, these are some of my favourite ways to stay on track and enjoy my life. Multitasking is such an illusion and I always feel so stressed out and all over the place when I try to do too many things at once. Instead I focus on one thing at a time and bring my whole presence into what I am doing. Remember that this is your life. You make the rules. And if they evolve and don’t fit you anymore – make new ones.

If you wish to learn more about the techniques and tools I use to keep my energy clear and vibrant, read more about my coaching program Clear Your Path & Shine and sign up here.

I wish you a great week, filled with magic and miracles!

With so much love and joy,


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