7 Days To A More Intuitive You


Hello Beautiful Soul!

Welcome to my my sacred online space! I am so happy to meet you here.

Join me and an amazing group of people on an exciting 7 day long adventure to explore and deepen your intuition and your connection to Spirit.

This is my gift to YOU.


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Step into our Sacred Space

My vision for this course is to offer you support adapted to exactly where you are right now. When I connect with this circle of soul sisters and brothers I see so much love, so much joy and such deep soul work. If you spend a lot of your time and energy caring for others, chances are that self-care and your own dreams and desires are at the bottom of your long to do list.

My intention for this journey is for you to re-connect with your inner wise self and fully realise how loved

and supported you are.

You are being guided every step of the way.

Even if there are people in your life triggering you and pushing all your buttons, I am here to remind you to take a step back and see what is really going on. Every challenge in your life is like a golden door, leading you to your biggest gifts.

I have been guided to create this e-course, this Sacred Space, so that you and I can join hands and explore this crazy, magical and soulful life together for a whole month. I see us sitting in circle, drinking hot tea and laughing, crying and leaning into each other.

This is my vision and deepest desire for our beautiful journey together. I will create a clear, loving and powerful container where I will hold space for you to step into who you truly are. With the right support and a willingness to say YES, anything becomes possible! In your heart you know this is true.


This is for you if:

  • You long to live a more soulful and intuitive life
  • You feel lost or so emotional that you don’t know how to access your intuition
  • You feel like something is missing from your life and you know there is more to explore and experience
  • You have lost your joy and want to feel happy and inspired again
  • You already use your intuition but want to commit to listening deeper and sharing the journey with others
  • You are at a crossroad in your life and want a new job/house/husband/more adventure!
  • You are ready to embrace the next level of your sacred work, relationship or soul path but long for support and guidance to do it


What you will receive:

  • A gorgeous guided meditation on day 1 to help you set an intention for this journey
  • Daily e-mails from Monday September 7 until Sunday September 13 with short and sweet prompts to help you get in touch with your intuition
  • Love-soaked and inspiring videos that speak to your heart and soul
  • A private and very caring Facebook group
  • Invitations to create a deeper connection to your body, soul and Spirit
  • Gorgeous (and simple) rituals, time in nature, writing and other creative expressions
  • Love and healing energies from me and my spirit guides throughout the 7days
  • Daily support and intuitive guidance from me whenever you need it (I am very present in our private Facebook group and will respond to each person individually)


You are saying YES to:

  • 10-15 minutes for you and this soul work every day for 7 days
  • Exploring and deepening your intuition
  • Opening up to your connection to Spirit (whatever that looks like for you)
  • More joy, more play and space to be creative
  • Simple, daily calls to be more present and more YOU
  • LOVE! So much love and support, both from this tribe and from your spirit allies


I would LOVE to share my free e-course 7 Days To A More Intuitive You with you

and I can’t wait to watch you open up and embrace your intuition and connection to Spirit.


It is already there.

You are always loved, always supported.

All you need is to say YES and commit to this journey with us.

You choose to say YES to yourself, to your soul.

Click here to join us!

Kind words from the people who joined the 7 day course:

DorthAB“Such an amazing meditation!!! Loved it. Thank you from the heart  Such a blessing you are beautiful whispering soul Karina. Thank you again for doing this!!! All my Love to you!!! I have never had such a beautiful, deep and same time light mediation experience. I speechless and so thankful for your beautiful Soul. Looking forward to keep in touch.” Dorth Bello

“Thank you Karina I certainly wasn’t expecting such an incredible experience.” Jayne Vargas

Sigrun“The meditation- I just loved the warmth and magic in it, relaxing and comforting. Suddenly in the end I realised something had changed due to the intention we opened up for day 1. I really had connected to my self on a deeper level these days. That was indeed a magic moment realizing that so clearly.  Thank you all for sharing and being together.” Sigrun Helene Konstad

“Hi there dearest sweetest amazing Karina!! Thank you soooo much for the e-course you did! It was so simple and yet so powerful and divine! And FUN!! I have no words – I’m just so grateful for this course, for all of you, for being a little part in everyones journey, for Karina…Oh, and now I’m crying a bit… Beautiful! Thank you! It has been a fantastic revealing powerful week and yet so easy and joyful! As life should be at its best I guess!” Lotta

BarbaraW“I would like to express my deep gratitude for those 7 days to a more intuitive you. It was such a deep way of connecting with myself and at the same time been heard and seen by the group and especially by Karina. Those days felt like a retreat for me. I like the energy and love Karina shares and spreads to the world. Thank you very much.” Barbara Wallner

“Karina, it’s been an amazing experience doing this 7 day journey with you and the group. I have discovered so many powerful intuitions that I have a glow on my face with pure happiness and peace. You are such a beautiful person and a blessing thank you Karina and may you continue to put smiles on other peoples journey as well.” Shannon Wilder


Are you ready to say yes to all the support and guidance that is here for you? 

Join us for 7 days of love, joy and deep soulwork.



If you have any questions or wish to know more about this adventure, I would love to connect with you by e-mail here.

With so much love and gratitude,



Karina Ladet is a soulful and creative mum, intuitive reader, coach, writer and teacher who helps people to trust and develop their own intuition. She offers intuitive readings and coaching, and teaches people how to communicate with their spirit guides both online and in Europe and Australia. Karina is also passionate about spreading messages of love and soulful living. Her mission is to support people who long for a more inspired and meaningful life and this is something she also embodies in her own life. After years spent working in the corporate world as a communications manager and living in many different countries, Karina is now happy living her dream life. She is a mum to two young children and the wife to an amazing French husband and she spends her time enjoying a simple life in a village in the south of France.



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