“Love is the cure, for your pain will keep giving birth to more pain until your eyes constantly exhale love as effortlessly as your body yields its scent.”


Are you feeling submerged by emotions and unclear about your next step? Do you feel like you’re not doing enough (or not enough of the right things) and overwhelmed by all the possibilities out there? I know what that feels like and how frustrating it can be when our minds “know” what we should do to get out of this state of confusion but our bodies and souls aren’t cooperating.

It can be so painful to be in the midst of uncertainty and yet it is also the perfect place for new beginnings.

As we go through life our growth moves in spirals. Each cycle offers us deeper wisdom and we allow for yet another layer to be released. If you find yourself being very critical of yourself or slip into victim mode, don’t let this spin out of control. Take a deep breath and come back home. Instead of telling yourself that you should know better, do better and be further ahead drop down into your heart.

Become very present in your body and feel your heart beating. Bring your attention to your heart for a moment and breathe in and out. Feel the love inside your heart and allow it to expand. Give yourself all the time you need to do this. Some days this will be easy and on some days you will need more time. This is the work we are here to do. To meet our fears where they are and ask our inner child what it needs in order to support us as we move into this next phase.

If you want to grow your business or create something that really calls you, your inner child may feel scared. So instead of pushing her over and telling her to toughen up, I invite you to give her a big, warm hug. Wrap her up in your loving arms and tell her you love her. Reassure her that you will take care of all the grown up stuff and that all you need from her is to see her play and have fun.

Our inner child has so much to teach us about creativity, joy and being in the present moment.

When we stop to listen to her she can share her gifts with us and we can embrace all of who we are. If you find yourself struggling with fear (no matter what that looks like for you) take a moment to connect with your inner child and hear her out. I believe that all parts of us are sacred; our skills, talents and our fears and doubts. This is what makes us human. We experience so many states of being and this is such a gift. If we don’t get attached to wanting to feel a certain way we can embrace each feeling and then let it go.

Our feelings are not who we are. They are like ebb and flow and allow us to experience the richness and depth of being body and soul.

During the past weeks I’ve been feeling a lot of feelings and have questioned pretty much everything about my life. Is this where I want to live? Is this what I want my work to be like? What do I truly wish to create in the world? What is my purpose and am I fullfilling it? All the Big Ones. So I allowed myself to explore all these questions and the feelings that came with them, knowing that every time we find ourselves in these times of transition we go from doubting everything to a muddled mess and then into clarity. All of a sudden that next step seems crystal clear and in our hearts we know.

Being an intuitive mentor I love these inner explorations and am always searching for new ways of growing and expanding even further – beyond what I think is possible. I love watching this process in my clients too. This week I found myself connecting with a few people that I really don’t like. They trigger me and all I want to do is walk away. So I did a couple of times. As I kept attracting the same kinds of people and situations I decided to change my attitude. Instead of judging them for not being open and loving I came back into my heart and connected with them from this place. I took a couple of deep breaths and felt the connection between our hearts and souls. This changed everything. All of a sudden I dropped behind the surface (their words or attitude) and connected with their true selves. And they are always pure and beautiful.

A miracle is a change of perception from fear to love.

When I started listening to them and communicated with love our exchange shifted into the most beautiful connection. I instantly felt relieved as I had felt so guilty for being so judgmental and they softened as they felt accepted and loved. That’s when it hit me that when we choose love over fear everything changes. Not only how others are with us but also how we feel when we are with them. In a world that can feel so scary at times this brings us back home.

In every moment we can choose to vibrate love or fear. Today I choose love.

If you wish to explore this topic more I created a video about how you know if it’s your fears or your intuition speaking to you here.

I’m also preparing to welcome a wonderful group of soul sisters as I open the doors to my coaching program Clear Your Path & Shine on October 5. I will share all my tools and energy techniques to help you move through your fears and uncertainty into clarity and a deeper inner knowing so your choices become easy to make and your life flows.

There is nothing more powerful than a group of dedicated people gathering together to support and love each other. If you’re ready to embrace this much support and goodness in your life, lock in your space now.









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