One of my mandalas – I drew it to get clarity on my soul purpose.

There are many ways to connect with Spirit, the Universe, or whatever you want to call the bigger-than-you-or-me mass of energy that we’re all part of.

One way to do it is through meditation or a trance-like state, in which you direct your attention inward and then upward, towards your spirit guides (Karina’s kit is amazing for this!)


Another is to use art to connect to your soul level, your higher self.


Now, don’t get scared here. You may not consider yourself to be artistic or, like me, you may have been repeatedly told that art is for other people because you don’t have the talent.

First of all, each one of us has the ability to create beautiful things if we give ourselves the chance to do so. Granted, it might take some practice, and it might take some time to get over the conditioning we got as kids. But if I can go through the process and come out the other side considering myself a budding artist, then so can you.

And second, it doesn’t matter. What you draw doesn’t have to be a thing of beauty in the conventional sense that you will judge it against. It’s a symbol, a metaphor, a way of understanding what your soul needs you to know right now, at a time when communication is difficult because you live in a human body, here on Earth.


Why ask for a message from your soul?


Because the ego-mind doesn’t know everything, although it thinks it does. It wants you to feel separate to everyone and everything else. Listening to it keeps you unsure, disconnected, sometimes angry and blaming others.

But you’re not separate. Connecting with your soul will help you see your true path, your purpose, your self.


So how does drawing mandalas connect you with your soul?


How it works exactly is a mystery, but like so many things in life, you don’t have to understand if for it to be useful.

‘Mandala’ means ‘circle’ in Sanskrit, and the circle shape is a symbol of the Universe, of wholeness, of our soul journey.  Mandalas have been used in all kinds of interesting work, from Buddhist meditation to Jungian therapy. They help you access what cannot be expressed in words.


How can you start using the power of mandalas?


1. The secret is to set an intention. For example, if you want to explore how to move past a fear of failure, say that when you start. Say something like : “I am drawing this mandala to explore my fear of failure. How can I get past this fear and move forward on my true path?”

2. Then, close your eyes and connect with this question for a few moments, until you feel ready.

3. Make a circle on your sheet of paper (I use a plate turned upside-down) and start drawing whatever comes.

4. Do not judge, do not think, if your mind starts questioning, gently turn it back to focus on your question. It doesn’t have to be symmetrical, and it doesn’t have to look like a flower or even anything recognizable. Just draw whatever needs to be drawn.

5. As you draw, note down any words, phrases or ideas that come to you. These are your messages. This is what your soul, your higher self, wants you to know right now, to ease your journey.

6. When you’re done (you’ll feel when you’re done), look at your mandala. Does anything else come to you? Does it remind you of anything?

7. You might want to journal for a few minutes and see what else you get.

And that’s all there is to it.


Remember to have fun. It should always be fun. :-)


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