I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday!

My wish last week was to gain some balance in how I use my time so this week I have boldly scheduled in time for meditation with my Women’s Circle and a channeling session with a very dear friend. This week has also been very busy but I’ve really stuck to my pockets of me-time. Yeay!

I try to always keep my Big Goals in mind. That keeps me focused and I don’t “forget” what I’ve set out to do. I try not to be rigid about it but it’s more like a gentle and consistent light that leads me on my way.

OK, so this week, what do I reclaim?
The Right To Be Me

I realised that when I meet a certain type of person (strong-minded and directive woman ; ) I tend to make myself so small and I just nod along with everything she says. I was watching myself doing this with a client and it was actually pretty horrible. I turned 5 years old and agreed with everything she said (although I didn’t really).

Anyway, it was a very interesting revelation and I took some time out to center and ground myself. Then I went back to the work I was doing for her and started all over again. I called her and said in a kind but firm voice that I wasn’t satisfied with the result and that I had something else to show her.

It was pretty scary but she was great. She told me that she really wanted my advice on this and she actually loved my new Flyers. I felt great too and this really helped me to re-focus on who I am and what I have to offer.

Thank you Life for this valuable lesson!

So, dearest reader, what do You reclaim?

Warm hugs, Karina

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