Jamie Ridler at Jamie Ridler Studios asks us “What do you wish for your Health & Wellness?” today.

Now this week’s wish was a tricky one for me because I tend to be more in my head or in outer space chatting with angels than actually in my body ; ). For years I didn’t actually feel my body at all. The first time I could really feel it and was aware that I had one was when I was pregnant. I thought being pregnant would be a really spiritual experience and there I was stuck in my own body. A body that changed and grew every day. That was a real wake-up call for me. Of course being pregnant is also a spiritual and emotional (and a lot more!) experience but that wasn’t my first impression : ).

So, what do I wish for my health? Well, I would love to be more in touch with my body and spend more time actually being inside it. I feel that it really needs to move more and spend more time outside. I used to walk for hours up and down the mountains around here with one kid on each hip but a while ago I just stopped. And the less I walk the harder it gets to get out there again.

So, more long walks, more fresh air and a tighter and stronger body. No more tense shoulders and back just a healthy and free body.

Oh yes, and I need to cut down on sugar and coffee. I love it and it gives me energy but I know it’s not doing me good. I can feel it…

What do ,you wish for yourself?

Have a lovely day, dear Sisters!

Big hugs, Karina

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