This week Jamie Ridler asks us to Listen.

This is so funny… During the last couple of weeks I am hearing a very small voice, deep inside me, who is telling me to Have Faith. Everything is OK. I am on the Right Path.

So my wish for this week is to Have Faith.

I know I am on the Right Path. That this is my Life. I am working towards my Big Dreams and this feels so true at this point in my life. I just need to keep having faith. Even when I feel the panic rising inside me. Will I make enough money to support myself and my family? Will this work? Will I be doing well enough? Will people like what I do? Will it truly help them?

These are the gremlins in my head and I know that they are my friends. They sound a bit nasty ; ) but they love me and want me to make sure I am doing the right things. Thank you, gremlins! I have Faith in you and I have Faith in myself. This is My Life and I know it : ).

Thank you for reading this.

As you wish for yourselves, dear Wishcasting tribe, so I wish for you also!

Love and Light, Karina

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