I am so happy to be back with the Wishcasting Tribe. I have missed you! I did last week but had so little time to visit your beautiful blogs… I am so sorry about that and will really take the time to visit you all today : ).

So, the inspiring Jamie Ridler ask us What do you wish to jump into?

I honestly don’t feel like jumping at all today. I am so tired and my to do list is so long. And getting longer… I am still resting from my trip to Sweden and trying to get into the mood for doing all the work to finish creating my Communicate with your Spirit Guide e-course that starts next week (OMG!).

I left the very slow Swedish spring to arrive in my almost summer-y French village. There are flowers blooming everywhere and it’s so green!

I would love to jump into my garden and lie down and smell all the amazing flowers. 
Photo from Fotoakuten (http://www.fotoakuten.se)

 We’ve got purple and white lilac and the smell is just divine. It reminds me of my childhood and almost makes my head spin with happiness.

How about you, dearest? What would you like to jump into?

Love and Flower-scented Hugs,


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