Oh, my goodness! This has been such a strange week.

I got back from a 2 week long trip to Sweden where I ran my very first Channeling workshop and attended my very first Spiritual Fair.

I have full-filled two of my Biggest and Most Important Dreams ever and it was awesome. I loved every second of it. I can’t believe how lucky and privileged I am to be doing this work. Honestly.

Dreams come true. How beautiful and amazing is that!

I was happy to spend so much time in Sweden and I am just as happy coming back here to my home in France. But I feel a bit disconnected. As if I just dreamed it all and am slowly waking up.

I’m a little tired. I think I need a break. But I don’t have time to take a break because I’m starting my very first Communicate with your Spirit Guide e-course in only 9 days.

I’ve been longing to do this exercise all week and thank you Petrea for the opportunity to reflect on my week.

I stepped outside into my garden and spent a long moment breathing in the gorgeous scents. There are flowers and really green grass everywhere.

I live in a very dry area and when we left 3 weeks ago the grass was yellow and it hadn’t rained for ages.

I have prayed for rain. 

And when we got back everything was so green and it has been raining almost every day for a week now. Yay!

This is what my garden is full of:

And what I discovered when I sat down to work on my e-course was that I love this work. I am on the Right Path and this is my Soul’s Purpose. No matter how I feel – tired, happy, lonely, loving, sad – this work fills me up as much as it fills up the wonderful people with whom I work.

I was writing down the first week’s instructions and as I started writing I could feel Spirit writing through me. The words that started flowing were so full of Love and Compassion I got tears in my eyes.

This is it. This is what I am here to do.

Thank you for the opportunity to see it once more. It is so clear to me now.

Thank you.

So, dearest, what did you discover today?

Love and Light,


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