OMG, what a perfect question for me today. I have been dreaming Big Dreams and trying to make them happen for the last couple of months. I just started my own business and next week I am organising my first Communicate with your Spirit Guide course ever. I’ve taught good friends how to connect with their guides and angels before but I’ve never actually organised a course for a group of people who pay me to do this.

The following week I’ll be attending the biggest Spiritual Fair in Sweden where I hope to meet lots of amazing people, including some awesome readers of my blogs : ).

I have said and written down several Big Dreams and they are coming true. So fast! OK, it’s not like there are hundreds of people who contact me and I’m not even near being able to support myself financially on my Sacred Work. But miracles are starting to happen and I feel that I am on the right path. If this is what I am supposed to do in this lifetime and I am making it possible it’ll have to work out.

I hope so ; ).

Anyway, what I want for my future is to be able to support myself and my family by doing the work I love. I wish for amazing things to happen every day! I wish for even more and deeper connections with loving and inspiring people. I also wish to deepen my spiritual practices and to take more time each day to reconnect with Nature. And I wish to be more creative, to paint more.

Most of all, I wish to really, deeply appreciate what I have. To be in the moment. To be present with what is.

If you want to check out my e-course, have a look here.

So, what do you wish for, dear reader?

Big hugs, Karina

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