Hello beautiful soul!

The last few weeks have been quite intense over here. As soon as September started it was as if someone (me? ; ) had pressed the on button and everything started moving in my life. I launched my first free course 7 Days To A More Intuitive You and had so much fun journeying with the amazing 250 people who signed up for it. It was such a powerful experience in how much ease, flow and joy I could allow in my creative process. I loved connecting with the essence of this course and together we created a gorgeous, safe and loving space for all of us to play.

What I really loved was that it could flow and feel joyful and at the same time we shared such deep and powerful moments too. If you missed out on this beautiful experience and want to join us for the next round, all you have to do is sign up to my Love Letters here and I will let you know when it starts next time.

Lately I’ve been exploring collaborations and working together in even more ways. I’ve been in several mastermind groups and communities online for a couple of years now but this month I’ll be meeting with my soul sisters where I live and we will start creating magic together. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time so I’m super happy that the time is finally right.

If you long to connect deeper with people where you live I encourage you to give that longing a voice and to create your own group with people you love.

In my village we have also been challenged to gather and express our voices as we come together to boycot the new school reform here in France. I won’t go into details re the reform but what is really beautiful is that we have all managed to meet and talk about the school we want for our children. And I love watching people truly communicate and find a way to be with each other no matter what their own opinions are.

No matter how far we are from each other when it comes to political and personal views we always have a possibility to meet from human to human, from soul to soul. This is the true gift in these times of change and turmoil. And what a gift!

Today I would love to share some of the gorgeous pieces of writing that I have found online in the last few weeks. I hope you enjoy this!

  • The wonderful Hiro Boga is sharing her story about her name. This story brought tears to my eyes and the pain and beauty really touched my heart.
  • My amazing friend and awesome channel Cara Wilde shares all the things you don’t have to do before you are ready to channel. I’m pretty sure this will come as a relief to many of you!
  • The inspiring Joanna Hennon has just come out of surgery and she’s sharing her story and offers a free course on how you can release your fears.
  • The lovely Jackie Stewart writes about how you can create a space dedicated to love and she offers a free space in her e-course “Fall In Love With Yourself and Your World” that starts on Monday Sept 22. All you need to do is share her post and comment before today (Friday) at 2 pm UK time and you are included in the give-away.
  • I love this gorgeous post by Danielle Laporte. “When you’re not feeling big enough, just be the size that you are – with no judgement and all truth”

I wish you a wonderful weekend and invite you to really ask yourself what you need in this moment. Then give yourself just that.

Big hugs and love,






PS: If you want to come and play with me in French on October 11-12, there are still spaces left in my channeling workshop here in the south of France. And if you prefer the Swedish version, it’ll be in Stockholm on November 15-16. Can’t wait to meet you there!







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