It’s the first week of school here in France and I feel a mix of relief and sadness. Relief that I will get more time alone after a very intense time with my two children and at the same time I feel a bit sad that summer is over. It’s been great this year! Although I’ve worked quite a lot, especially in August, I’ve also taken the time to really be with my children. We’ve spent lots of time outside, swimming and playing and it has done me so much good.

I don’t know how you are feeling right now but September has an odd energy about it for me. I feel intensely tired, as if I could fall asleep at any time, so I slow down and only do what is neccessary. I know that this is just a phase and that it will change. I’m in no hurry to do more, I’ll save that for when my energy is high again.

Self Care

Without thinking about it consciously I’ve been rewarding myself this month. I somehow managed to reach my income goal (and more!) in August so I felt like investing some money and time in ME.

Yay for self care : ).

My big self care splurges this month are joining the Barefoot Breathing tribe at Essence of Wild, buying a real book from a real bookstore ; ) and doing the gorgeous Discover a Symbol of Your Life’s Work created by Cara and Ian at Wild Bliss.

As so much of my work is to guide and inspire others I sometimes forget to do this for myself. In the last reading I did only a couple of days ago the message was clear: “Take time out for yourself. Nourish your soul. Open up your heart and receive.” Given how clear that message was I’ve decided to listen and do what I need to feel good right now.

My first step was to dive into Discover a Symbol of Your Life’s Work meditation kit. I listened to the appr 30 min long gorgeous meditation and followed it up by filling out the workbook – and the bonus offered with the kit. Now I love guided meditations and I’ve listened to a lot! Cara’s beautiful, soft voice guided me so gently into a very colourful journey inside my soul. The imagery she uses is so clear and inspiring and something about the mix of her voice and the powerful music helped me travel very deeply into myself.

During this guided journey I met my spirit guide who helped me discover a symbol that will guide me to the next step in my work. Now I admit that I already had a pretty clear idea of what this next step would be but apparently my guide had something else in mind for me. Without giving away too many clues regarding this meditation I can tell you that the symbol I received felt so powerful. It glowed in vibrant colours and the light that shone from it was very strong. I could feel it melt into my hands and I knew that my next step is to offer healing. I’ve received this message in different forms for years now but never paid much attention to it.

During this meditation something very powerful happened inside me. I can’t explain it but I got a very strong feeling that the message was engraved in my soul, in my DNA. After the meditation I felt great, so relaxed and focused at the same time. As if my soul had been realigned with my heart and mind. It was a very good and balanced feeling.

In order to go even deeper into this work I answered some very interesting questions and it was great to put words on my experience. And during the days after I did this work I kept seeing my symbol in different places, as if it was reminding me that it is still here and still at work.

I loved this guided meditation and I will use it again whenever I am having questions about my next step in my business. If you have a business and would like some guidance, I sincerely recommend this meditation kit. It’s awesome! And if you are stuck in a job that doesn’t feed you soul or if you don’t know what your Soul Work is – this can also be for you.

If this sounds inspiring, have a look around at Wild Bliss. The website is gorgeous and Cara and Ian offer lots of great products and services. I tried a Radiant Session a couple of weeks ago and it was amazing. Cara is such a warm and loving guide and she’s so intuitive in a very feminine and yet so powerful way. The session really helped me clear out emotions and memories I wasn’t even aware that I was carrying around. What a relief to let go of it!

I’m so excited to continue on my Self Care Jouney and my next step are the new book and some Barefoot Breathing. This feels like a great month already : ).

How do you take care of yourself?

I wish you a beautiful day!


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