Eleven years ago I discovered my Soul’s Purpose. I didn’t call it that at the time but I felt deep inside me that I had found something, a Source, that would change my life.

In August 2000 I felt called to travel on my own. I was so drawn to the Açores islands off the coast of Portugal. (I recently read that this was one of the places that were part of Atlantis before it disappeared.) I had been in a couple of long term relationships before this trip and was finding my way back to being single and happy again.

From the first day until I left the islands I felt that my steps were guided by my inner voice. I met several incredibly interesting and wise people who helped me get clear on what mattered to me and I rediscovered my spiritual connection.

One of the people I met during this journey was a very spiritual woman who told me about a Channeling workshop she had attended. At this time I had no idea what channeling was but I felt so strongly in my heart that I had to find a way to learn how to communicate with my guides.

I returned home and started reading all the books I could find on channeling. I loved Swedish writer Helena Montelius book Higher Inspiration (Högre Inspiration) and Sanaya Roman’s How to channel your guides. I tried a couple of the exercises in the books but I didn’t feel confident enough to go through with them. At this time I longed to grow spiritually with someone who could guide me and also to share this journey with fellow travellers.

In May 2001 I signed up for a live workshop and it was so much easier for me to relax and open up when I knew that someone was there in case something weird happened ; ). I also loved sharing my experience with others and we all encouraged each other. Some of the messages I received from the other participants have become a reality many years later.

Like most people I didn’t know if I would be able to learn how to connect at all. Throughout my life I have tried to listen to my intuition as much as possible but I don’t think I was more intuitive than most people.

During this very intense week-end I opened up my heart and discovered a whole new world inside me.

I felt like a door had opened up and my life started expanding on so many levels.

One of the messages that I kept receiving was the message of Love. At the time I was a very happy single woman and I thought these messages were about universal love. Only a month after the workshop I met my future husband! Our friends had tried to set us up for months but none of us were interested (and we both had some personal stuff to work through first). 

Two months after the workshop my sweet man and I moved to Paris and started our life together. It has been a long and sometimes difficult ride but I am amazed and grateful for the life I live today. And I know that having a close connection with my spirit guides has helped me so much when I have gone through difficult times. My guides are so loving (and so are yours : ) and they always help me see things from a higher perspective.

They offer so much comfort and wisdom whenever I doubt myself or others.

Although I have continued my “normal” jobs I have always dreamt of sharing this source of wisdom and love to others. I channeled for friends at first and then I started offering spiritual guidance online. Deep inside me I have always known that this was my true calling and this year I have decided to make this my full-time job. Yay!

I love receiving soulful messages from my guides and sharing them with other gorgeous souls. This is such beautiful work and it fills me up every time. Ever since I started channeling I knew that one day I would share these tools with those who felt the call.

This day is now here

Last week-end I had the incredible privilege to create a safe space where two beautiful souls could re-connect with their guides and receive clear messages from them. This was a magical journey and we had so much fun : ).

Connecting with your guides is such a profound experience.

It’s like communicating with someone you have known all your life and who loves you so deeply (this is true!)

My next workshop will take place in Stockholm, Sweden, on June 3-4 and I would love to share this journey with you. If you feel the call, contact me by e-mail on [email protected]

If you live far from Sweden (as most of you do!) I have created a brand new e-course that will run for 5 weeks from April 22nd until May 27th. 

If you sign up by this Sunday April 1st ( ; ) you will take advantage of the early bird fee and have a chance to win the following pretty amazing prizes: 

  • Three powerful Soul Blends from the wonderful Jackie at FlowerSpirit
  • A 3-5 cards Oracle Reading by the inspiring Gaelach Odindottir at Musings of Magick
  • An Oracle Reading using the Inner Child Card deck by the intuitive Soul Coach Lutgart
  • Three Crystal Grids Template Packages created by the amazing Crystal Queen Hibiscus Moon at Crystal Academy
  • A powerful Golden Wave guided meditation by the incredible Holistic Anxiety Coach Gina Rafkind at VedaSun
  • A gorgeous set of cutlery to invite more abundance into your life, created by the super talented artist Sheree Wagener at Raven Moon Magic 
  • A Rainbow Energy guided meditation created by the lovely Petrea Hansen-Adamidis. You can find here at ArtTherapist.ca and at Offbeat Family.
  • A beautiful art print by the brilliant multi-artist Robin Knight
  • An inspiring art work with a great anxiety-busting meditation written on it by superwoman Tanja Gardner at Crystal Clarity Copywriting.

If you have any questions at all, please let me know and I would love to connect with you.

Are you ready to sign up right away? This is where you go : ).

Heaps of Love and Light to you,


PS: The winners will be announced here on my blog and on Facebook on April 4th!

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