I am so excited, so happy and really nervous about announcing the launch of Soultribe, the brand new website that Pernilla and I have created. We have talked about working together for years and about 6 months ago we both said yes. Yes to a joint project and yes to creating magic together. Pernilla and I met for the first time about 11 years ago and we had a great connection from the start. During the years we have exchanged e-mails about what was going on in our lives and we’ve also been doing intuitive readings for each other.

It feels like we know each other really well but in reality we haven’t spent much time together. We started out with a Big Idea (Pernilla’s!) to create an online space where we could write about spirituality. We both love this topic and we have noticed how many people seem to seek a deeper meaning to their lives.

How can we invite more spiritual pratice into our everyday lives? How can meditation, listening to our inner voice and reconnecting with who we are become a natural part of our days (or nights : )?

We created Soultribe in order to inspire You to live a deeper and more meaningful life. Our biggest wish is that you see how incredible you really are and give yourself what you need to thrive.

What do you need to be happy and feel like you are on the right path?

If you don’t know, a good start can be to take time to be alone and sit in silence. Spirit is always communicating with us but sometimes we are too busy to listen. It can be as simple as that. And you choose how far you wish to go. And when.

My spiritual life
I’ve been fascinated by spirituality for a many years now but I really started meditating and channeling my spirit guides regularly a couple of years ago. This doesn’t make my life easy all the time (I wish!) but it does give me a sense of purpose.

Often I can feel in my heart what I need to do. Sometimes this means doing nothing at all. But I don’t feel completely lost anymore and I know that what I need is never far away. I have faith in the universe and in my inner voice.

Before I write a huge post again I just wanted to invite you to come on over to Soultribe! If you would like to spread the word about our new site and what we offer I would be so grateful. And this will give you the chance to enter our Big Give-Away where you can win intuitive readings, guided meditations, e-courses and kits. The Give-Away will go on until November 5th so you have plenty of time to participate.

Also, if you have set your eyes on one of our products (except for our readings), they are all half price until tomorrow Wednesday at 8pm CET.

Today I feel happy and relieved that we were able to pull it all together to launch our new baby into the world. I want to thank all of you for your amazing and incredibly generous support! I am so grateful and touched by all the love that you have poured on us.

As the New Moon has appeared, what New Projects or New Possibilites are you inviting into your life? I would love to know : ).

With so much Love and Gratitude,

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