Hello sweet soul,Greatness

I hope you are feeling good and that you take some time out to rest and recharge your batteries. The energy seems so intense – still! – and we need to take great care if ourselves.

I’ve been working quite hard lately and I’ve also been having fun doing video interviews with some really amazing people. I’ve written a bunch of inspiring guest posts and articles and I’ll let you know as soon as they are live.

My upcoming retreats are inspiring me to do more of the work I love and to stretch my limits further. It doesn’t come naturally for me to be so visible and to talk so much about myself and my work but the work I have been called to do in this life time is encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone and to really walk my talk. It’s scary at times but I’m feeling more and more confident being me and sharing my feelings and stories.

I’m fortunate to have some amazing soul sisters and brothers (+ my incredible husband & children!) to support me and to “believe in my greatness when I don’t”. Asking for help has been a BIG lesson for me lately and it is changing my life. Learning to receive is so beautiful.

Where do you need support? Who can you ask for it? How can you give this to yourself?


Become Your Own Business Adviser – Hiro Boga’s magic

BYOBAbuttonI’ve been meaning to write this post for a very long time but I struggle to find the right words to describe such a big, rich, deep and magical experience as doing BYOBA. I signed up for it because I knew there had to be a way to create a business in a deeper and more inspired way. When I read about BYOBA it really resonated in my soul and although I didn’t know exactly why, I signed up. This was a big investment for me but it felt so right.

I have spent the last 12 years doing spiritual work but never the way Hiro Boga does. She has such an incredible way of combining deep spiritual practice and very practical business tools. This program is a divine mix of everything I love. Amazing ways of clearing out blockages, addressing fears and limitations and opening up for a bigger, bolder version of ourselves.

I started this program thinking I was going to write a book but realized that what really called to me was to create two retreats in Australia. Just realizing this was huge but as I went from thinking this-is-impossible to actually receiving the clear tools to make them happen, the miracles started unfolding.

Not only is the content in BYOBA extremely rich and solid, Hiro also offers all of her expertise and love so generously. The group carries this beautiful energy and at the same time I always felt like we were all being held and supported by Hiro, individually. As if she could see exactly where we were and exactly what we needed at that time.

During the live calls the love was palpable and I received so much one-on-one support with such clarity and depth I was often left speechless and with tears of gratitude in my eyes.

BYOBA has transformed my life and it has changed how I do business – and everything – forever. I now know how to connect with my business’s soul and each step I take has so much more meaning than before.

If you are ready for a major shift in consciousness and to embrace a bigger and more magical vision of yourself and your work, then this is for you. You will receive so much more beauty and love than you have ever asked for. Working with Hiro is like exhaling with deep gratitude and breathing in compassion and love. It’s a divine journey!

The most important reasons why I would lovingly encourage you to choose BYOBA are:

  • Hiro Boga is such a wise, loving and incredibly generous teacher. She has done the deep soul work all her life and she can see right into your soul. With her loving heart she supports you and guides you into the deepest parts of your soul and of the soul of your business. At the same time she is very down to earth and grounded in this world and she can navigate between the spiritual and earthly realms. This knowledge and her experience are invaluable. Being the divine teacher she is, she also knows exactly how to share her wisdom in a way that is clear and that resonates for you.
  • You will receive support both from the program itself, the amazing group and from Hiro. If you are looking for the perfect support for you and your business where you are right now, this is just what you will receive. And so much more.
  • The live calls are pure magic! You will get the chance to speak to Hiro and receive personalized attention as well as guidance from what the other people in the group are sharing during four live calls. These calls filled me up and felt like we were doing a sacred and ancient ritual that helped us all feel so aligned with the work we were doing.
  • The program itself. Every Monday, you’ll receive a downloadable 60- to 90-minute audio presentation, along with a pdf Explorer’s Guide — your companion workbook, for the week. You’ll also receive themed exercises & activities, to help apply each new lesson to your everyday business rhythm. The exercises are so rich and will allow you to go very deeply into yourself and into your business. They will help you to create healthy and powerful relationships with everything inside and outside you and this will change your life. I use the tools Hiro has taught me for everything! I use them both in my business and in my personal life and they really help me find clarity and that deep connection with all parts of my life.
  • A bonus live call with Alex Franzen. I mean Alex Franzen! She is so sweet, kind and incredibly inspiring and I learnt so much about writing from her, both for my About page and my Sales pages. And it was a lot of fun : ).
  • Life time access to BYOBA. This means that you can take the program again and again every time it is offered. I can’t wait to do it again as it feels like it will help me go deeper and deeper every time.

So, what more can I say? If this resonates with you hop on over to Hiro’s website to read more and sign up. Registrations open today and the program starts on September 16th. If you want to listen to Hiro before you are welcome to register to a free 75-minute preview class today on August 27th at 10 am PST (that’s 7 pm CET/6 pm UK).

If you have any questions about my experience with this program feel free to send me an e-mail and we’ll chat.

I wish you a beautiful day!

With love,







Hibiscus_Moon_Assembly930pxPS: If you love crystals and feel that your next step is to become a Certified Crystal Healer, Hibiscus Moon is offering her program on September 1st. Last day to sign up is August 31st so check it out now.

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