Hello beautiful soul!

Just the thought of you reading these words makes me so happy. And if they also inspire you to create more magic and beauty in your life then I am beyond grateful. I’ve been blogging for 3 years now and as my writing and work grow it still blows me away that there are people all over the world reading what I write. I am forever grateful and filled with joy as I picture you before my eyes and in my heart.

Summer is coming to an end and something in the air has shifted. The air is a little cooler and it smells of fall. I love this season as it feels like the new year is starting to me. I always feel like starting new projects and going on adventures. Lucky for me I’ve got a bunch of things lined up this fall!

IntuitiveYouButtonRightI am crazy happy to be starting my new e-course 7 Days To A More Intuitive You in only 2 days. So many of you have e-mailed me and asked how you can develop your own intuition and learn how to trust it more so this course is for you. It’s all falling into place beautifully and I’ll be creating the course as we move through it. You’ve probably heard the motto “start before you’re ready”. Well, I take it one step further and actually launch before it’s ready too : ). I used to beat myself up about this but now I just accept that’s how I roll.

An exciting idea falls down from the sky. It makes me super excited and I can’t stop thinking about it. I download parts of it in my sleep or when I’m doing something non-work related and then I launch it before I start procrastinating or overthinking it. After that I start spreading the word about it and get even more excited when other people (you?) join in on the fun. At this point I’ve got 1) an awesome idea 2) a pretty page on my website and 3) a bunch of lovely people who’ve signed up. Conclusion: I have to do it! There is no escape and that’s great : ).

If this hasn’t scared you off I’d love to have you join us for this fun and exciting ride! You can read more about it and sign up here.









Speaking of a fun new season, you can also come and spend the weekend with me as we connect with spirit guides, hug, laugh and cry either on October 11-12 here in the south of France or in Sweden on November 15-16. I launched both workshops last week and some of you have already signed up. It’s going to be so amazing to meet you and I truly can’t wait. Offering workshops and sharing everything I have learnt over the years was a big dream of mine for many years before I finally had the courage to start. I love working with groups and the energy we create together is amazing!

If you have been thinking of joining Hiro Boga’s amazing program that starts on September 15 I will have the honor and joy to meet you there as I’ll be one of the facilitators supporting you on this journey. I’m beyond happy about this!

OK, let’s get back to why I started this post! You may have seen some of the photos from my amazing weekend away two weeks ago. My husband convinced me that it was a better idea to go on an adventure instead of spending two days cleaning the house and I wasn’t too difficult to convince ; ).

The summer had been pretty intense with a full house, unpredictable weather and just the general frenzy from living in one of the most visited countries in Europe. I connect with my heart and my spirit guides on a daily basis but I also need some space and solitude to really nurture that connection. Being around other people all the time doesn’t support me in doing this so I often feel the need to get away and go outside in nature.

Living in such a beautiful and isolated place really helps but what I really longed for was some time away and a set of fresh eyes to remind me of the sacred within and around me. It’s incredible how much a 2 hour drive to a new place can do to see life in a different way. As soon as we got into the car we started getting excited about this trip. It was as if we were on an adventure to a new world. We often stopped to watch the scenery, pick fresh raspberries and have picknicks in the grass.

Everything was so beautiful! We also saw lots of animals: squirrels, hares, short-tailed weasles, marmots, eagles, blue jays and many other birds of prey.

What really struck me was how quickly we got out of our old habits and started looking at everything with new eyes. Suddenly there was magic everywhere and I felt deeply connected to the land and the creatures there. I spent a long time travelling within next to a « dolmen » and it became to clear to me that this was another door. A hidden door into another world. So I sat down on the warm grass and journeyed through it.

There were signs everywhere and I quickly felt so full of energy and that deep connection to Spirit again. I know it’s always there but I needed some time and nature to feel it in every cell again.


I am so grateful for this time away and it keeps nurturing me as I think about it. I know I’ll be back. And I know that what I need is always there. All I have to do is ask. And open up to receive it.

I wish you a magical day and please share in the comments what makes you feel connected to Spirit and alive. I would love to know.

Beaming you love and laughter wherever you are,





PS: If you are ready to join us for 7 Days To A More Intuitive You, sign up now! The doors close on Wednesday September 3 at midnight EST (New York time).

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