Hello Beautiful Soul!

I can’t believe that I wrote my very first blog post here in November 2011, a little over a year ago, and today I am writing my last one. No, I’m not going to stop blogging but I’m moving over to WordPress where I will continue writing about what inspires me and what is in my heart.

My intention is to be more open and share more of my stories and what is going on in my life. I would love to meet you there. I will still be at www.karinaladet.com but the new webdesign is so gorgeous I will probably write more often.

Having a new website has been at the back of my head for over a year now and when I sat down to write my goals and dreams for this year in my Yearbook & Planner I could feel a strong pull to really step things up in my business. So two of my big dreams were to 1. Invest in a great coach or program to help me grow and get the support I need and 2. Get a brand new professional website.

I was quite happy just to write these wishes down and I could feel how I opened up a space inside me for them to come true in 2013. But I guess the Universe had its own plans for me because within only 2 months I signed up to Hiro Boga’s Become Your Own Business Adviser program (the lovely Loran Hills affiliate link) and I will launch a brand new website on Monday. Wow!

How did this happen? And so fast?

Well, I guess I was very clear on what I asked for. And then I let go of trying to control how or when it was going to happen. I surrendered my wishes to Spirit and knew in my heart that when the time was right they would be granted – if this was for my highest good. OK, the super powerful energies right now and an amazing support team of friends helped a lot too!

Letting go of relationships and old patterns

As I prepare to step into my Bigger Life a lot of emotions are coming up to the surface. Old patterns and relationships that no longer serve me become clearer than ever. This is good news but it’s still painful and sometimes I feel waves of anger or sadness. So I sit with what is and I accept things as they are. Not as I would like them to be or how I think they could be if only…

And then I let go. I stop trying so hard to change what is. I just stop. And I sit with all the emotions that are inside me. I let go of the role I have given myself all my life. I am not always OK. And it’s ok for me to listen to and express my own feelings and needs. I don’t have to adapt my life to anyone else’s desires.

I feel like I am shedding so much of what I thought was me in order to become who I truly am. And I know now what I would like in my close relationships. I want things to flow. I want us both to be able to say yes or no to each others desires without hurting each others feelings. I want freedom and respect. I want to see you as you are and I also want you to see me as I am. I want true friendship and to know that we can count on each other both when things are difficult and when we want to have a great laugh.

I’m trying to express how I feel but Oriah Mountain Dreamer does is so well here. Before rising above we need to drop down.

Spreading the love

I’ve had the great honour to guest blog over at Kind Over Matter. I love Amanda’s beautiful online space where so many inspiring people meet and share their stories. I was so happy to be invited and you can find my post here.

I am also so excited to be featured in the latest issue of Wild Sister Magazine. The amazing Jen Saunders and her sweet husband Mike have created an inspiring and positive online magazine and a beautiful community.

I am so grateful for all the soulful connections I’ve been making lately and know that it means so much to me that you are here, reading my words. And remember that you are a Beautiful Soul! You matter. Only you can share the gifts you’ve been given in this life so I lovingly encourage you to share them with an open heart.

Thank you! And I can’t wait to meet with you on the other side on Monday March 11th. There will be a big give-away where you can win gorgeous meditation kits as well as a reading and coaching with moi.

All my love,





PS: If you are searching for more clarity in your life and need some loving support, I’ve still got spots open for Intuitive Readings in March. And if you want to connect and communicate with your Spirit Guides my kits are so easy to use and they’re super powerful. Grab your kit here and download it instantly.

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