I  am trying not to melt away in this really hot weather (42C!) and instead share my exciting journey on Leonie Dawson’s Radiant Goddess e-course. I have wanted to do some kind of detox/fast for a long time because I have been feeling a bit heavy in my body. I eat great, organic and locally produced food most of the time but I LOVE sugar and coffee. I haven’t spent many days in my life not eating sugar. As a member of the Goddess Circle all of Leonie’s e-courses are included and exactly 11 days ago I started to do the Radiant e-course on my own.

My journey on the Radiant e-course

I was so motivated to start this e-course and I felt ready. I therefore chose to do the e-course to the letter. I don’t eat the exact menus each day but I haven’t eaten any of the foods that are not on the list. I expected to start craving sugar right away. And probably coffee too.

The strangest thing happened: I didn’t feel like eating sugar. At all. This hasn’t happened in my entire life so I was very suprised!

During my first week I helped a friend out serving gorgeous organic ice-cream so I expected that to be a big challenge. I was actually ok. Most of the time I didn’t feel tempted and when I did, I made sure to snack on some sweet fruit and tasty nuts. And I waited for the craving to stop. It was as simple as that. Now I know this sounds a bit too easy but this is what happened to me. I just felt so focused and kept having my goal in mind: to feel better inside and out.

The first days I felt really tired and had a mild headache but I knew this was normal and part of the process. I just got to bed earlier and drank lots of water to clean out my body. I started sleeping so well too! No more nights with my head full of ideas, just deep sleep. Gradually the headache disappeared and I feel so in tune with my body.

Of course the meals in the menu plan are full of yummy foods and I eat as much as I want. It’s really difficult to overeat healthy food because my body tells me when it’s full. I also really enjoy my meals because they are pretty with lots of different kinds of vegetables in many colours and I eat lots of nuts and that is so tasty.

Once in a while I feel like eating some tofu or eggs but I know this is only for 21 days and after that I would like to start eating that again. My plan is to stay away from sugar and caffeine (and probably gluten and dairy) and eat meat, fish, eggs and tofu again but in moderation. That’s pretty much what I did already so that shouldn’t be too difficult.

I didn’t start this e-course because I wanted to loose weight but I have probably lost a couple of kilos (I don’t have a scales but my clothes are a bit looser ; ). I really wanted to have more energy and feel lighter in my body.

What has really surprised and amazed me is that I feel so much more connected to my body and spirit. I feel much lighter inside and I feel so focused. I actually work less hours but I’m much clearer and I feel even more aligned with my spirit allies. It’s a really interesting feeling of being my best Me.

I have 10 more days to go and I feel great about that. I am so happy I tried this e-course because I never thought I’d be able to stick to it! It’s funny how we limit ourselves just because we haven’t been able to do certain things in the past. I feel so much more confident about my body and my health and that is great.

If you are interested in joining the Radiant Goddess e-course after the summer holidays, the next session will start on September 1st. If you sign up by then you will also benefit from the wisdom and support from the group of other women who are walking this path with you. The e-course is 89 USD but if you sign up for full membership you pay 199 USD and get lots of awesome e-courses, guided meditations and so much more.

Guest blogging

I have been writing lots of guest posts this month and it was so much fun! You can find me at Mary Joyce’s website, on Happy Within and on A Joyful Life. I would love to share my stories with you : ). If you would like me to guest blog for you, just let me know.

I wish you a beautiful day!

Love and Gratitude,

PS: If you are not yet on my Love Letter list, I just sent out the August Love Letter. Let me know if you would like one : ).

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