As we move closer to the summer solstice the energy intensifies. We are being called to shed all that excess weight on our shoulders and in our lives. Everything that no longer serves us is calling us to be released.

The more we relax and accept to let go, the smoother it is. And the more we resist, the more challenging it becomes. What we resist, persists.


Being Swedish, the summer solstice is very close to my heart and my favourite time of the year. I can remembering celebrating midsummer as a child and how magical it was to pick 7 kinds of flowers to put under my pillow and how amazing it was to stay up so late while the sun was still up.

It is a time of being in between worlds and there is always magic in that.


Now that I live in France and have embraced my spiritual path, this time of the year has become even more filled with meaning and power.

So, how will you celebrate the summer solstice this year? During the last few years I’ve been gathering around a fire with friends and I’ve played my drum for hours – beyond time and space. But this year my soul is longing for stillness, spaciousness and silence so I feel called to get up very early in the morning and climb up a hill nearby. My vision for this is to watch the sun rise and embrace it all. The peace, stillness and the opening of this new time, the new energies. I don’t really know why, only that it’s time.


If you feel like doing something but have no idea where to start, here are some of my favourite ways to celebrate the summer solstice that I hope will resonate for you.

And if they don’t I hope they will spark your own creativity so you find your own way of celebrating. What matters the most is your intention so make it clear.

  • Gather your soul sisters/brothers around you and create a ritual together. The group energy can really make this powerful and it’s great to feel the support of others.
  • Spend time in nature. This day is the longest day of the year so take the time to connect with the rhythm of summer. Breathe in the smell of the flowers and lie on the grass. Experience nature with all your senses.
  • Dance, sing or play an instrument. Music is such a gorgeous way of celebrating and honoring this special day. Don’t worry if you’re not a professional singer or musician, just have fun and play in a way that feels good to you.
  • Create a summer solstice altar. Have fun with this and you can invite your children to participate too. Make space for this either in your garden or out in nature. Go on a treasure hunt and bring back anything that speaks to you. Create your own magic.
  • Light a fire. In some traditions lighting a fire is very important. This is a great time to write down everything you want to release and put it in the fire to let it go. You’re stepping in to a new time.

I love rituals and always make them my own. I encourage you to take what you need from these and add whatever you need to make them feel like YOU.

We are all magic makers and we all have the power to create amazing rituals. Relax and tune in to your own body and the land where you live. A very small garden or patch of land is all you need but if you long to go far into the forest or climb on top of a mountain that’s perfect too.

This is your time and your celebration!
I’m also offering a powerful Master Class – From Big Vision To Creation and we will gather live on Tuesday June 20, the day before the solstice.
You can find all the information and a link to sign up here. I’d love for you to be there live but if you can’t everyone who signs up will receive a recording afterwards.

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