I have put off writing a blog post for a long time and every time I felt like writing, my inner critic told me there is no point. Because there are so many great bloggers out there already. Beacause I don’t have anything new to tell. It’s all been told in a million ways already.

Today I decided to just do it anyway. That’s how it goes isn’t it? We stall, feel fear, get bored, do other stuff, and then one day we just do it.

I have been thinking a lot about what I love writing about and I realised that one of my favourites is to write about other people who inspired me. So, let me name a few women (what a coincidence ; ) who have really transformed my life (in a good way).

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd at Tarotize

Lisa is a fellow Swede who also lives abroad and she offered an e-course in Witchcraft that I signed up for about 8 years ago. This was my first experience taking a course online and sharing with a group. It was a great journey and we soon became a very close group of women, supporting each other. We even created ceremonies that we did at the same time in different countries. Lisa is not only a very talented tarot reader and intuitive but she also has so much knowledge when it comes to spiritual practices and traditions. I was so happy to connect with her again, years later, and I still read her blogs. Thank you, Lisa, for the eye-opener!

Anne Solveig at Mundekulla Retreatcenter

I met Anne for the first time in her Goddess room (Gudinnerummet(swe) where she inspired me to be quiet and listen to my inner goddess. Anne was the first woman to talk to me about being a goddess and I loved the idea of us all having an inner goddess to guide us. Anne has a very gentle and loving presence and it’s so peaceful to visit her beautiful space online. Not only does she run a big retreat center in Sweden with her husband but she is also a very talented singer, visual artist and writer. Her book on women’s circle has inspired me so much when participating in my own women’s circles. Thank you, Anne, for showing me the best and most inspiring way to connect with other women.

Leonie Dawson at Goddess Guidebook

Ahhh, dearest Leonie has opened up a whole world of magic and business (?) that I didn’t even know existed. She is such an inspiration when it comes to showing up As We Are, on our good days and bad days. Leonie shares her deep love for creativity, women, spirituality, writing and much more in a fun and beautiful way. Her e-courses are so full of great information and love. Thank you so much, Leonie, for showing me just how huge the world really is. And for allowing me to meet so many amazing and generous women in your Goddess Circle (my best investment ever!).

Jackie Stewart at Essence of Wild and FlowerSpirit

I first met Jackie when listening to her gorgeous voice (is it the Scottish accent ; ) during a guided meditation during the World’s Biggest Summit. Then I was lucky to meet her in a more interactive way in the Goddess Circle.

Jackie is the one who inspired me to create my very first e-course (How to Communicate with Your Spirit Guide) much sooner than I ever thought I’d do it. With her loving and kind words she shared her experiences so generously. Jackie is a very gifted healer and she has a very strong connection with Nature.

She has created the Barefoot Breathing e-course that runs throughout the year and the next session starts on May 27th. I discovered breathing through my feet and it was such an amazing experience. I even stood barefoot in the snow this winter! Thank you, Jackie, for all your love and support.

Of course there are many amazing souls out there who have inspired me and who continue to inspire me every day. This online adventure has allowed me to open my heart and soul so much more. I am so grateful for my life and work. And I am in awe of all the brave souls I meet in my work. You inspire me every day!

OK, before I start crying I will finish up this post and have a rest. My sweet daughter woke me up at 5 this morning…

I wish you a beautiful day today and I would love to hear Who Your Biggest Inspirations are.

Deep love and gratitude,

PS: The links to Leonie’s and Jackie’s pages are affiliate links.

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