This is where we went swimming yesterday. Yes, I live in Paradise : ).

I am so sorry that I haven’t blogged in a looong time but I have been so busy swimming, taking in gorgeous scenery and having a great time with friends. Summer is definitely here and although my head is (almost!) exploding with ideas I am spending most of my time outside and away from my computer. I think this is a good thing : ). And I am amazed by all the creative ideas and urges I am getting. Maybe I should do this more often… : ).

For a very long time I have wanted to write posts where I tell you about all the amazing bloggers that I read. There are so many incredibly talented writers, artists, business queens and all around creatives that I have finally decided to share my favourite websites/blogs with you. I read so many that I’ll share just a few every time ; ).

OK, here we go;

Lori Portka

Lori is an incredibly talented and inspiring artist. I also love her writing. She has such a sweet and loving way with words. I was so impressed by her A Hundred Thank-Yous project that I will just have to get one of her prints or posters. You can find Lori here.

Leonie Dawson

I don’t know if there is a point in even presenting Leonie as I talk (and write!) about her all the time. Anyway, Leonie is an amazing artist and writer and she inspires thousands of women around the world to go for their Big Dreams. And she is living her very own Dream Life and you can just tell how Happy she is. A new way of being a Business Queen. With purple hair and fairy-wings : ). Read more about Leonie’s incredible life here.

Loran Hills

Loran has a very unique voice and here photos are amazing. She has a lot of experience in guiding others to find their very own path and voice in life and you can feel it by reading her words. During 12 weeks she is encouraging us to have a closer look at Spirituality. If this sounds exciting read more about the Illuminating Spiritual Practice Series here. Psst, I’ll be guest blogging for her in a couple of weeks so do keep your eyes open for this : ).

Natasha Reilly
Natasha is a cartwheeling artist who creates with so much heart and soul it makes me want to take out my paint and canvas and get creative too. If you want to fill yourself up with artwork that makes you vibrate inside or even get more creative yourself by joining her, check her out here.

Jackie Stewart

One of my all time favourites who is always on my lists ; ) is the gorgeous Jackie. What can I say? If you love Nature, flower essences, soulful living and a lot of healing energy, you have to visit her websites FlowerSpirit and Essence of Wild. Jackie and Jason Smalley have created an amazing and very popular Barefoot Breathing e-course that really helps you to connect with Nature in a very deep and loving way. And if you want to read about how to Open up to communicate with your Spirit Guide I am guest blogging here. Lucky me!

There are so many amazing blogs out there so the ones I mention in this post are only a few of them. I will get back regularly with more inspiring bloggers.

I hope you enjoy the present moment and I have been reminded recently to reconnect with magical places in Nature. I am pretty sure you know what I am talking about : ).

With Love and Deep Gratitude,

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