I’m trying to listen to my inner voice, to my inner rythm right now. I have sooo many practical, creative and tehnical things to do in order to start my business big time in January but my energy levels are pretty low at the time. Lots of ideas are buzzing in my head but my body just doesn’t want to move. Or just a little bit if I give it biscuits and tea afterwards ; ).

Taking baby steps
So, what do I do? Well, I’ve decided to take baby steps. I set goals and do a couple of Really Important Things almost everyday. That makes me feel like I’m doing what I need to do in order to achieve my Big Beautiful Goal. And then I realx, I drink tea and I go for walks with my children.

It sounds pretty simple but as I am writing this I realize that it has taken me a loong time to actually listen to my inner rythm and act upon it. It feels great to do so. Finally : ).

I hope you’re taking care of yourself and listening to your Soul.

Warm hugs, Karina

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